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24MX ALESTREM | LE FILM | EXTREME CHALLENGE S2 | extreme enduro 2020

24MX ALESTREM | LE FILM | EXTREME CHALLENGE S2 | extreme enduro 2020

and we are now in the heart of Mercoirol in the arena where will be given the start of this edition 6th of the 24MX ALESTREM the front line pros pilots are in full concentration it’s the long-awaited moment they go out for three laps over 60 kilometers each. increasingly difficult laps. With a 3rd one that will be the most complicated. Now with this magnificent start in any case, it started in perfect conditions for this edition Alestrem 2020 a start in cold it’s a little less than 3 degrees here on the Mercoirol plateau actually some wetlands we saw but no rain today Departures will follow ten pilots every minute they are 500 500 in total to participate at this 24MX Alestrem it’s true that we had qualified them the day before for the prologue the 100 best but there it is more than 500 riders who will go to the extreme in hard enduro in hard enduro all they will have yes it is enduro it’s a great day but it’s mostly a lot of difficulties. We will see it as we go around this is a magnificent site in any case which once again hosts this edition so will delve with Manuel Lettenbichler on the first difficulties Lettenbichler on the first difficulties of the day. only after 10 minutes of racing Letty leading Mario Roman in second position Wade Young in third and last year’s winner and double winner of 24MX ALESTREM Graham Jarvis in fourth position we have a group of four, that immediately detached on the first lap. We arrive on the leaders of the Extreme Challenge with Julien Gauthier notably present in this duo. A big fight in this Extreme Challenge because everything is played on this last stage of the season it is the fifth and last stage of a great season. the Extreme Challenge which brought together The biggest extreme races in France. back with the leading group and in particular the German with his KTM who arrives first in the arena. behind it we fight it’s not as simple. It is true that when we see the first past we have the impression that it goes quite easily behind we begin to see some riders in trouble. Large rock for some parts scree, canyon Here’s where it’s really like in the trenches it’s wonderful to see with these drone images to highlight worth all the performance of the riders. Completely at the heart of the action, you see it if we don’t take the huge rock and well you get the additional hassle is to pass in a huge pool of mud nothing is easier finally it is a choice, riders choice. there are several options for each difficulty here we come to the first CP of this race with different drivers and it seems to me that it’s Letty behind Sherco pilots The South Africans Wade Young, he has never won the 24MX Alestrem maybe finally this year in this sixth edition. Grimbo is to complete this top 4 also a little further behind Paul Bury he is the current leader of the extreme challenge. Regular Paul Bury in this Extreme Challenge this Extreme Challenge he always finished second or winner it was during the third test of this extreme challenge it was at La TAILLHARD this is what made its strength this year unlike Gogot who missed an event even if Julien won 2 the first stage LICQ ATHEREY and the ENDUO of Limousin Gotgot he’s ranking second with 35 points behind that’s going to be the challenge Go first stops at the end of the first lap we see the KTM leading Jarvis here with the Shercos just behind, Wade Young it’s timed and it’s very calculated We see the pilots who do not panic at all they know racing very well we are not there to take stress in addition on the contrary we are there to eat, to take a small energizing bars a drink and go again for another 60km lap yes it is a ranking that will evolve enormously there we have other drivers that we can see on this track but it is true that on thefirst two laps even if the first four remained together well at each 10km we had a different classification and it was quite impressive but on the other hand one thing is certain and look at the ranking is still changing Mario Roman at the forefront in front at the forefront in front Letty, Jarvis 3rd an then Wade Young. they stayed all 4 for two laps without ever letting go without ever letting go and above all there are also the laggards who are present which begins to be a bit of a spoilsport in this battle for the head of the race Mario Roman always leading with class always, this impressive technique as Letty and Grimbo Mario Roman he wants to take back his crown he won in 2018 the legend G Jarvis retook the lead in 2019, it’s true that for 2020 the spanish wants to come back it’s like home because it’s the local Sherco brand of the stage The French brand is a little bit its basin so here Sherco has made every effort to make these riders win all the people from the factory also came there, there are many fans so it’s true that there is a good entourage for Sherco who really bet on this test. and for now Graham Jarvis did not take the lead look behind it is Julien Gauthier who also made a great performance because he knows that he must give everything at that time to be in front of this man to be in front of Paul Bury if he is not in front he cannot win the Extreme Challenge There should normally be two places way if Gotgot wants to win this second season of the Extreme Challenge. For the moment there is only one gap There he greeted the crowd they were more than 30,000 during the whole weekend to encourage the Alestrem riders. Impressive slow-motion images in music of these big difficulties of the Alestrem 2020 We end up with the race head it’s now a still a top 4 made up of Letty made up of Letty G Jarvis an the 2 Shercos Shercos that follow They will not let go until the end the battle will be hard to know the winner of this 24MX Alestrem 6th edition. And the rhythm is frantic we see it here This is what is remarkable in this race they have the biggest difficulties but the reverse of the trial where we can pass them quietly there you have to go fast and none of these pilots waste time on difficulties always a lot of show really it’s always quite impressive to pass in very winding passages strewn with stones strewn with stones it must be remembered also it is wet it rained a lot lately in the region. and yet they are racing all out and they doesn’t give up absolutely nothing is it also necessary to remember that the more we advance in the competition the more the laps are difficult, the track is modified lap after lap and we add more difficulties the more we advance in the competition therefore inevitably if we remember previous years for example 500 pilots at the start only 4 had finished this year which will succeed in winning and which will win in time then we will see it anyway for the moment 4 that never let go Jarvis who makes the experience talk G Jarvis who had not been too expressive at the prologue and he had preferred to keep his strength and his speed for the race he was right And behind these four the fifth position is for Julien Gauthier which puts all the assets on its side because he’s aiming the Extreme Challenge right behind him and well he’s the leader of the Extreme Challenge Paul Bury, there is youth there is the great hope of the French hard enduro it is Fabien Poirot who is currently just behind Paul Bury is the classification of the Extreme Challenge before this stage it was Paul Bury Julien Gauthier Mika Barnes and Fabien Poirot in fourth position ahead of Tom Pastel back with the leaders these are the rankings which continues to evolve minute after minute Letty actually who won the prologue the day before until now he was rather in spectators behind his main opponents to remind that Manuel Lettenbichler as an assistant and mechanics of choice it is his dad who had already finished on the Alestrem podium in the first edition in 2015. it’s a family story, this 24MX Alestrem in addition for being a human adventure. and we know it because the third lap is always decisive this is where the difference is made. An exceptional journey through the Cévennes this is true in different municipalities and the Mercoirol mine with the famous Arena. We have most often seen the riders of the black category in any case the best pilots of this category and who advance very easily and there on the other hand it is the other pilots of the same category the black category who are struggling in the same difficulties as the top riders The more we advance the more riders there are the more ruts there are the more holes there are, the more it becomes difficult anyway. The head of the race there with Graham Jarvis German pilot Manuel Lettenbichler and Wade Young here is the top three with just behind Mario Roman winner 2018 on this 24MX ALESTREM they continue not to let go of all four it’s pretty incredible in this race there was another planet right in front taken by these four riders watching this spectacle and this wonderful landscape. Graham Jarvis bottom right it seems to me that it is Wade Young who is in second position, Mario Roman leading but Manuel Lettenbichler the incredible technique of the German pilot who overtakes everyone in just a few seconds the ranking changes but here it does not matter they follow each other they stand once again advantage to the KTM Go the last climb for almost in any case completed this second lap with Letty leadings after having passed the three riders right in front of him Wade Young in second The South African who wants to seek his first victory on the 24MX Alestrem he is right in front of his Sherco teammate Mario Roman what is quite amazing is that we find in fourth position rather lonely behind Graham Jarvis Waiting but we know that this is often our Brit’s made the difference in the third lap and we are going to embark on this third round in a few moments time for these pilots to have some seconds not even minutes of rest before leaving, they refuel just have time to breathe Mario Roman who also arrives In the Sherco team We are not really panic in any case not on the side of Graham Jarvis experience, the cool of the Brit’s rider. and it’s important because we’re at this moment at more than 4 hours of racing still you have to imagine here we have just linked 2 laps of 60 km so there is fatigue there is no stop for a full lap this is the only stop this is the time to take a break it’s Letty’s dad who has just prepared his machine and the German rider who takes off We find the Extreme Challenge riders Fabien Poirot he is a young riders that began with the trial evolved from smaller categories to extreme enduro now it’s true that this is one of the future stars of the discipline he only has 18 years old he is 4th at the moment he should with the Mika Barnes’ non-participation he should normally be on the podium of this Extreme Challenge the Extreme Challenge now in its second season 665 riders entered on the first four tests it’s really the hard enduro phenomenon which works in France we knew enduro, there was not yet championship in hard enduro, here it is. There is a real desire, a desire for riders to find difficulties with enduro we found the fast special stages, where pilots motocross arrived in enduro there missing that difficult side and those riders are asking for more To testify at the end of this second lap there were even who said I want more ah it’s not over I want it to be even harder and there that’s what’s going to happen you go to see that this third and formidable lap truly and to bounce back on that he there is a certain craze it’s true at the rider level and even at the spectator level more and more people come to see this 24MX Alestrem because it is the most beautiful event of hard enduro in france Then there was a development also of Atomic Motos national teams Sport Camps France which brought together pilots, which is positioned and entered in this championship The Extrême Challenge. Go back with the leaders who are not French we have four nationalities in the first four places a spanish Mario Roman we saw Graham Jarvis the Brit’s German Manuel Lettenbichler We have a South African with Wade Young. The first Frenchman is Julien Gauthier in fifth position and we’re going to launch in these 3rd lap we leave the Arena to embark on this third and last most complicated loop Maxime, you said it very well 60km of pure hard enduro Pine forest, sandy terrain we are in the fox climb we could almost say to the climb of the fox actually that sticks well because it’s a little orange red Of course with the time taken, self control with Mario Roman, it takes information from this terrain. you see we reposition the bike we stand straight up facing the climb it is important All the top riders are making it to have a good grip a good speed up then we start we position ourselves on the front of the machine to avoid to avoid nose-up we have the teacher the legend G. Jarvis who is having difficulty, That just shows you it’s complicated we are both full gas but at the same time we play with the clutch and with his feet to push the bike. Then it’s true in extreme enduro the pilots who often get away the best they really succeeded are former trialist who have already huge bases in hurdle and they make the difference then on extreme races like these There Letty is forced to wait that Graham Jarvis can pass. He is helped in particular by the commissioners scattered all over the track. yes finally help he looks at it, we still see that there is no help really possible in extreme enduro only to rescue a rider but not for the advantage. we agree Alexandre. We continue with Mario Roman who took the advantage in this third round so Mario Roman he got closer than ever the number two with his Sherco he really prepared this event thoroughly throughout the winter and especially physically we see that there he gave a real blow, a shot of energy at the start of this third lap against all of his competitors direct Mario Roman and there and he started already widening the gap with direct competitors. It’s time to make a difference Now is the time to step up the pace we were on a fairly tight quartet during the first two laps and now Mario Roman has really taken a certain lead and advantage in this 3rd and last lap. The climb of the camper where nobody will pitch his tent today. but it’s still difficult to spot where they have to pass for its enduro riders and they still manage to get back on the track because it is marked with small blue banners it’s nice we really hear the encouragement of the public who is there who came to cheers them in what is called how are they going to pass this? In hard enduro caviar here is the pinnacle of what they could have slippery wet rock totally on slope and uphill we really have almost all of the physical possibilities that riders have to face Graham Jarvis who spotted before this race and he always manages to find the right trajectory and he easily passes this difficulty. it is important to come and spot as we do in classic enduro where all the riders do the whole special test here it is the same we took them on the biggest difficulties to analyze understand the terrain. Graham Jarvis who falling here he is blocked. We are going to watch analyze look well, hop the starter it is very useful because we are on the side of the machine it is gone and there he can relaunch. There are certain pilots who do not have it, in particular Julien Gauthier who in this kind of situation would have more worries to be able to free himself now the majority of motorcycle brands have a starter finally for all those who are at the forefront here. The KTM here for Letty the German rider that’s the real point of recognizing is to know where to position yourself sometimes there is a small trace on the track limit which allows you to climb more easily and that’s where an old fox like Graham Jarvis makes the difference. He did it last year in the third lap where there were magical traces where he could just take the best over its direct competitors. Whoever has more difficulty this year is the South African Wade Young who see him breathless completely there is in lack of means to find we see him suffer really these difficulties and he can’t stick to with the leader pack. it’s very complicated for him we may be in a day without that’s just it for Wade Young it’s true Maxime you said it very well he undergoes completely there is really a difference in body language between Mario Roman teammate who is currently leading this 24MX Alestrem and Wade Young, we can say in trouble it’s hard it’s hard to see it like that because it seems so easy when the other pilots pass. there is a technical side then when we are stuck on a difficulty also the physical side but after six hours of race there faced the difficulty the body will have to push but watch when we take these shocks every time but it’s an accumulation after six hours of racing I can tell you that we are exhausted and this is the case for Wade Young and there in addition is still only at the start of the third and last lap so Wade Young he is not at the end of his sorrows he tries as best he can he gets there finally there is still a little part before finishing this climb we find ourselves a little lower precisely Julien Gauthier who is currently in fifth position and is in very good position to win this second Extreme Challenge season he is in battle with Paul Bury current leader of this competition. and everything can quickly tip over into this last lap. the climb of Pontil Mario Roman leading he attacks first obviously the Spanish rider as a champion and especially as a balancing act we can say it very clearly in a very wet rocky climb you see you almost think there is a certain predestined trajectory finally we decide to take the side and even there Mario Roman in difficulty, he falls Maxime but he gets up directly he is magnificent me it impresses me because it made a difficulty, finally almost a simplicity for him, only for him because it is extremely hard this climb it is beautiful We play with this magnificent decor there it is the German Lettenbichler who is in difficulty, This climb it could almost represent to themselves his difficult and tricky 24MX Alestrem at the same time you must always have this certain class to be able to pass it at this point in the competition Mario Roman had already taken several minutes ahead of the German Lettenbichler We find it here in the middle of the forest one of the most also complicated climb they have to take position to face the difficulty it is launched it is a jump, the Castagnou jump you need very good momentum if you don’t get enough speed you fall directly you are blocked and there we can say it the victory could fly away. G. Jarvis who completely missed its momentum. he felt he didn’t have enough speed. At this is extremely difficult it’s reserved for the truly elite but it’s really precious seconds that he’s wasting with a completely failed essay we heard a go Jarvis there are supporters presents here from the British pilot we don’t necessarily realize sometimes but there the end of this jump is almost 90 ° you climb a wall this is a wall really so you start you manage to advance only with speed but there the end of the jump is really a wall is there we are behind this time the 4th South African Wade Young the speed gain the momentum analysis before the Sherco rider can set off Sherco rider can set off so we shift the right gear we put ourselves on the front we quickly put our feet on the pegs you will see here it is done we force and it goes here with the momentum with the impulse it was even much further Impeccable wade young here is this beautiful slowmo the rear wheel which touches the ground one last time before setting off And the magnificent Wade Young landing the Railroad Canyon now Mario Roman leading, we are coming to the end of lap third at this rate he can start feeling a second victory on this 24MX Alestrem he would thus equal Graham Jarvis already double winner also Johnny Walker who had won the first two editions of the 24MX Alestrem The technique of these pilots in hard enduro it is to have a soft tires so that the tire precisely can go almost to fit the shape of the difficulties they don’t put a lot of pressure in the tires for this reason there quite simply so that the motor bike adheres to the obstacles at best. otherwise it remains almost classic enduro bikes but they have to be rugged because eight hours of racing to keep up the pace anyway you have to have good equipment like Graham Jarvis, he has the same for a very very long time Husqvarna the majority of riders use 2-stroke machines also a little more light, nervous with a good torque. the canyon passage for Graham Jarvis at that time he also knows he has not yet managed to regain the lead, has he did it last year he ensures to go to the end that is the main thing but there is a rider who escaped in front, the Spanish Mario Roman at this point in the race we wouldn’t think that Graham Jarvis said to himself first place may not be for me this year. frankly a rider like G. Jarvis don’t think like that. He comes to Alestrem to win he now has directed his career towards big races he no longer makes a championship he chooses his races, he chose the hardest races of the world especially this one is to win it Here the fire man climb Wade Young 4th we’re going to attack it together right behind him, full gas, flat out he has to stop before end of the climb. It is the pilot perhaps who was the most in trouble on this last lap who disappointed the most because he was motivated we waited for him finally he did not manage to reach his goal in any case to follow the top 3 and to exceed them. and look at Mario Roman We see him struggling okay but he keeps an ultra high rhythm he is chaining the difficulties very quickly so even if he is in trouble sees that he does not lose time and he goes fast he continues to chain them very quickly the pace is impressive. Jarvis and the British, 44 years old won the Erzberg Rodéo in 2019. It is a real example of longevity also in this sport there because it is facing young people it is a real exchange of generation there between young people like Mario Roman and Graham Jarvis a legend continuation and end of the goat climb. Mario Roman, we are at the end of the third and last lap of this 24MX Alestrem Mario Roman very clearly he is going to win his second victory on the 24MX Alestrem the hardest hard enduro race in France what a pace he put the Spanish pilot the Spanish pilot yeah rhythm, speed he was more physical than his competitors Graham Jarvis who of course had the technique but did not have the speed against Mario Roman today imperial, truly the Spanish dominated this race and who gave pace in this in this last lap Graham Jarvis in the last difficulties in the darkness of these forests these thickets, Graham Jarvis who has all the lights on now will also join the finish we are on a sunset on this magnificent site of Mercoirol And there you see it precisely we arrive. This is Mario Roman almost last climb Finally he sees this second victory on the 24MX Alestrem accompanied by the whole public Here he passes the last jump of this 24MX Alestrem sixth edition My strategy was to take the lead not to make a mistake I was lucky lucky to be the first to pass on the rocks not far from the river that this allowed me to have more grip I felt strong with an amazing motorcycle i felt very strong physically very happy thanks to all and the team From the start of the last lap I accelerated I accelerated the pace like that I had to take 5 to 10 minutes ahead of my competitors I have been preparing all winter and I needed rhythm here for the victory. in second place more than 10 minutes behind Mario Roman we find the excellent Graham Jarvis the legend there, I drove well it’s a good feeling of arrival it was so much I am really very tired, happy to be 2nd Marion Roman had a very good race and there is nothing more i can do. He didn’t make any mistake he was full of energy this make the difference today I will be back next year. and 33 minutes from the winner we find for the first time on the podium Manuel Lettenbichler It was tough, we ride together the first 2 lap like a squad It was good until the last lap I made some mistakes I had trouble with my tires, I was stuck, and couldn’t go to an uphill I lost lots of time I thought I will never make it I am very happy to finish and have a podium place. We had only Three Finishers this year on the 24MX Alestrem Mario Roman Graham Jarvis and Manuel Lettenbichler it was more complicated for Wade Young this year he couldn’t reach the finish clearly a day without for the South Africans Sherco rider. He was looking for victory he only made 4th. Mario Roman precisely it is him who deserve it in any case this victory he was imperial today and it is his second victory on this extreme test here is the man of the day the Sherco rider the spanish Mario Roman The Extreme Challenge with the victory of Paul Bury winner for the second time in two seasons of the extreme challenge just in front of Julien Gauthier everything was played in the last moments of the race Fabien Poirot 18 years takes third place in this Extreme Challenge it was hard but I was at home I did not give up til the end we had given ourselves a top 10 goal I manage to do 8th tonight I am super happy and suddenly 3rd of the Extreme Challenge, Only happiness! it was really crescendo First round, Second round a little harder then 3rd we really got into very very very hard there are places frankly I went up I do not know how I really thanks my Michelin tire because it really helped me in places in crazy places what. I had some pressure when I came here to played the title, a complicated day with a little mechanical problem. Gotgot didn’t make it easy for me it really drove very very fast today it really drove very well and a pilot is inserted between us and finished in front and that is enough to have the title Mario Roman winner of this 24MX Alestrem Paul Bury win the second season of the Extrême Challenge thank you for following us thank you Maxime Thanks alexandre and thank you all for your loyalty 24MX Alestrem has proven it again it’s an extreme race for sure See you for the third Extreme Challenge season Extreme Challenge season Keep in touch with Facebook, Instagram or Youtube if you want to follow all the news of the Extreme Challenge is also 24MX Alestrem Thanks to all bye bye!

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