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2018 Yamaha MT-09 Sato Racing Rear Sets First Ride

2018 Yamaha MT-09 Sato Racing Rear Sets First Ride

hey everyone I’m bill and we’re with
Cali moto TV welcome back to the channel welcome back to another ride out here on
a beautiful mid-november day we are in California late no late oh it’s the 23rd
November 23rd we haven’t had one rain day one way in one day
so we got rain coming but the hills are brown the air is crisp these bikes are
ready to run up here but we wanted to bring you guys along because we have
finally finally done some work on the MT-09 so we’re going to bring you guys
up to date show you guys the main reason why we’re out here
but in addition some of the other things that we finally got done so let’s take a
quick tour around the bike and then let’s get on this thing and see how it
does so the MTO 9 the trusty MTO 9 so as you guys can see right off the bat we
got some stuff you guys know we’ve done the denali fog lights we gun the
sprocket a the sprockets now on sprocket chain and front sprocket we’re up to in
the back what do we go one up in the rear and then and then we’ve got of
course the the tail eliminator on and we have these little fancy blinkers which
go boom of course the two bros exhaust which is
just if you guys haven’t seen the r9t racer now takes the crown of the most
obnoxious bike in the collection the MTO nine had it for a little while but it
has been stripped by the r9t so if you guys are into the exhaust you’ve got to
hear the are 90 but we do have our core brake lines also had been installed big
horn which you guys have seen the MRA windshield we’ve replaced that what do
we have before well it was a power bronze windshield but we’ve replaced it
now with the the MRA I like it it’s not as big as the power bronze yeah
so much nicer and we like I like the little tint on it of course we’ve got
the vortex levers we’ve got the bar on mirrors finally in it but we finally
have why we’re here today the new saddle racing rear sets which I will tell you
pain in the butt to install if you’ve heard the horror stories if you here for
the MTO 9 and you wanted to know about these rear sets is it as bad to install
these as you hear yes it is so it took me about two and a half three hours
first to figure out how to install them but this bolt this bolt is attached to
this nut which is long like an axle nut which goes all the way through the rear
swingarm to the bottom here so we have we had to what I did was I built a
tripod essentially and suspended the rear end up off the bike lift so we
could keep the weight off of the rear of the bike now you can’t use a rear stand
because it would obviously pushed the weight in so he was a pain in the ass
but once we’ve got it figured out you can see where the position of these are
the the peg was probably down here prior so very good comfortable yes and one of
the the negatives to the situation which we are not going to be doing two ups on
this anyways so we did have to lose the rear passenger pegs only because the
foot kind of sat on basically right at the rear pay so we didn’t Lehman ate
those couple even with the small feet it was just kind of resting right here so a
couple negatives on this side I will say I hope that shadow can see this and take
and on how I do it so first the the shift rod came with a quick shifter
here in the US we don’t have anyways we don’t have quick shifters on the bike so
the we had to get the shift rod after the fact they were nice enough to send
it to us but they wanted the shift rod to come around the front side and in
front of this and this was supposed to go on the back which meant that could potentially hit the rod so what I
did was I put a big spacer in the back and took it to the back side and brought
the plate to the front for the quick shifter of course we’re running GP shift
so few modifications so hopefully this will help you guys understand so if you
guys order this which these are so babe these are money five six hundred dollars
so they’re not the cheapest but they are constructed very very well so if you
guys look at this and trying to figure out how this goes this is supposed to be
mounted in the back and the shifter rod is supposed to be mounted in the front I
have just a bushing that I put to the back and then I took the bushing off
from this side and kind of squeezed it in the back and it’s absolutely perfect
it moves freely it doesn’t rub and we don’t have any potentials of stepping on
the shift rod so I think all in all a couple hours it was not the easiest job
a lot of it was just figuring out exactly how to install it so we didn’t
do a how-to video just because again two three hours but if you guys get hung up
on that side take a look at this but let’s get out let’s hear the noise
makers and let’s let’s see how these things fancy out here on the twisties
here we go I’m super stoked so I’ve been dragging
my soccer but so my Unitas adoptions so I and I was kind of going between like
tech and stop erasing and but spend the money I don’t want to spend
the money I don’t want to spend the money
it’s also painted yes ensued salsas they’re on the swing on board both so it
was kind of like I don’t want to spend the money and I
don’t want to have to deal with the install but bill is awesome so some motorcycle shop without erasing once so salary sink it
is and you know they do have the biggest adjustability of
awesome awesome awesome so far I love them
so stock resets I’m five six and I watched your off-site person
so I was kind of like looking around one foot which I wasn’t a fan of that like
a party on the street I really had to be kind of going to hurt
but on the track pretty regular occasion that I like to have that one foot there so this
is great so this allows me to so right up to eat
passenger we don’t – up the bike a lot I didn’t
really put you in care one way or the other but they had to go so I have the mic in the middle
all the way up and I would have definitely been getting hung up so they’re gone
the brake reservoir river and reservoir is back there too and Bill was able to
bolted on where it would go and so far I have to keep the breath
once so that’s pretty solid so
you know I can really move back and forth on the bike now it’s really really
nice like is it
$700 or 650 bucks or for the street riding maybe not but you know we track
the empties that’s probably a very nice improvement
overstock and like I on it especially once I kind of get
going I haven’t ridden the spikes this Buttonwillow
I’ll attract a beauty vacu suet so I’m sorry I’m not Bill and it’s also
surprisingly hard to write twist at the same time home try not to die and try to talk and
entertain you guys despite whistle noise so we also put a
sprocket on it that was rockin finally on it and I’m
not sure about that idea because it’s already supporting our DVR here
I’m figuring out which year I should be we did flash it – so it’s like
what she done it used to be and now we have to stock it so I’m
relearning my bike at 12,000 miles one thing I did notice with the rear set
that I would really like to have at the moon are now on the bike so you’re
you’re definitely the Russians for work you’re kind of like it’s kind of like
the rear is now like your sport fight and the front is still like this upright
things so it’s a little confusing too it’s not terrible right like clearly I
could write it it doesn’t write bad or anything but thinking a little more
lower bar such different parts definitely help
we do have the GPR student for city some of you guys are in common
yes we know just your number
but instead dampener you need to like a whole bunch of stuff in Italy they
looked into it so when we’re already at it they’ll ask like hey do you want to
change the bars and then there will be much more sporty
and I am looking at some suspension upgrades we have 12,000 miles on the bike and the
suspension is just about done slams under sting on the track so he
pardon on my suspension so special but then like the key tech guru
shock is like her it’s another $1,700
federal properties to distrain so
there goes the government partners this year somebody for my updates but satury these
three sets I love him I love of my love on their shoe barrette I can really get
like hernia I couldn’t have done that this more like
my whole got this off and it feels you know I feel so much
better and I know now
so awesome awesome awesome son racing to
thumbs-up and again we had some problems that the the rear said be careful when
you order something they sell it only with the rod for with the mark
bikes with Creek shifters which I’ve never seen one star
so so yeah I’ve been interviewer keeping on going
so I never seen the ones without good shifters with good shifters here in the
US anyway so we did have to chat with Sano and they were super cool they were
like hey no prob ascension to chef rod I saw in the picture by the time you guys
see the video I already sent the pictures of how it looks so they can
update their website they actually did update it and specified that like hey
you you need the quick shifter for this
stuff to work and I told all hey you should sell it what chapter
here in the US don’t let’s say always happen anyways so super um oh I’m loving
this bike I think this is gonna be like a track bike soon I’m computing as much
on it anymore so I’m not as worried too put bits and pieces of pieces on it
because you won’t get stolen that’s a boy
so anyways thank you guys for coming along
on this little Putt Putt Putt right if you have any questions concerns
comment below how we answer pretty much all the comments
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  1. Hi. So i have a small question. I've heard that the license plate arm is very heavy, did it make any difference in handling after removing it?

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