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2018 European FITASC Sporting Championship – Piancardato, Italy

2018 European FITASC Sporting Championship – Piancardato, Italy

and my twins are from the UK I shoot the the parcours model where the birds 32-inch barrels Craig laughs not just a gun that people use it's a group of people that travel all over the world you know bring in the the best equipment bringing the rest support and you come after you've been out on the hot sweaty layouts when you sit there you crack a beer you have some fun with the guys it's just great man to be associated [Applause] hi I'm Shawn Stacy firm England in the UK of won both the British and English fifth championships and I've represented my country or Great Britain now 29 times and at present arms here in it with the GB team as Captain a to the DB team with my daughter is with the first Reverend daughter combination whoever shoots for the Great Britain team I am Alice to see I am a GB suit and I should Kreeger Katie before I really started shooting seriously in French 16 and since that has been really full-on so I've been doing that national team selections travelling service since about 2016 I've been around putting off almost my whole life because my dad I'm seeing as part of the same team Krieger and so alongside that my gun is perfect the service we get is perfect and as no one else I'd rather be within Creek off I am i admirers from Wales in the UK the krieg off I won the ICTs F world sport in my British Open is twice classic sporting twice I had one I can't remember lots of things people associate good quality wood Creed of and good good guns reliable and my statue my name's Jack loved it from UK I've won the World and European theater sort of as a junior and quite a few championships in new pairs of junior shot for the GB team as a junior and a senior all old and fitter for me it's the most reliable sign out there I love the sturdiness a bit of the weight of it no recoil it's the best fun [Applause] pity for Boulder ad as potential sauce scallions to sky parakalo sports river Orinoco Adriana's particular sport Riza cosa mariachi destroyed a muchacha la stability' la manageable esse a poet a condom a Adela carne con salsa exhibition a phosphor are a hostess or lrg in the root worthless lol – – and then if we should have respectable sporting I'm Benna straight custom-made receiver with the old style 12 – 8 mil tapered barrel and then a custom Krieg off dog food family now I've been with Krieg off this will be my 25th year so this is what's important to me when you had an event and you have access to the gunsmith and the hospitality in somewhere to rest down you know you look at all your the good companies they just don't go that last 20% increase go [Applause] Hey you [Applause]

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