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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Inferno Lifted & PRO Wheels!

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Inferno Lifted & PRO Wheels!

how's it going today everybody welcome back to our Channel and welcome back to our shop eighty eight rotors off-road here today with this inferno colored Toyota Tacoma we're gonna be installing a three inch front strut spacer on this one with the one point nine five inch rear lift lock and we're gonna be adding some new extended u-bolts on it for the wheels and tires we're gonna upsize it to a 285 70 17 BF goodrich ko2 and for the wills we're gonna go with the factory genuine TRD pro wheels off of the 4runner those are a 17 by 7 with the positive 4 offset will in a matte black finish we also wanted to start off with a friendly reminder to please like our video if you indeed like it it makes a big difference for our video and our channel itself make sure you also share it on social media so you can let others know what you're into so feel free to comment any questions that you may have and we'll try our best to get back to them as soon as possible in the comment section down below last but not least subscribe and here we are all of our texts are marking all the tires rotating which position on the vehicle they're at and we're removing them once they are off we are going to take off the TPMS sensors and swap them over to the new wheels and tires and here's a closer look at the new wills that are going on the vehicle once again these are the genuine TRD pro wheels off of the 4runner the suspension techs are now gonna jump right in and remove the factory suspension to add the upper strut spacer on factory u-bolts are coming on the 1.95 inch rear lift walk is gonna go in with new extended u-bolts this is a very cost-effective way to modify the Tacoma to upsize your tires and make it clear completely this strut spacer it gives it about three inches of lift while the techs are installing some suspension components the wheels and tires are being mounted and balanced located in the city of South Imani which is about 20 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles when there's no traffic if you're interested in getting some work done by us please give us a call or shoot us an email over the cells at 88 rotors comm all of our contact information can be found in the description below our computer balancing machines are calibrated by weekly that way we can ensure that you get a quality ride with no vibration on road the rear lift locks with extended u-bolts are now about to be completed you Wilson tires are now ready to be mounted onto the vehicle I just can't let you go so what do you think of the we'll entire choice that the customer made on his truck does it go well with the inferno color make sure to drop a comment down below and let us know what you think bridges between us you peace the lug nuts are now being torqued down to spec once that's completed we'll back off the vehicle for a quick test drive and will deliver the vehicle back to the customer I just can't let you go Lord knows that I've tried to you said I was the only one no one likes being lied to you made this mess and let me with the pieces now all the bridges between this pretty much wraps it up for today's Tacoma video please make sure you subscribe to our Channel and turn on the notification valve that way you get notified every single time we post a new daily video until next time take care guys bridges between

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  1. Would those tires suit well with some Stealth Series 16” Ray 10s, or what would you recommend for those wheels?

  2. I love all the videos! Keep them coming. Quick question…..Is it more cost effective to do a block in the back or do an add a leaf? Thanks

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