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hi guys Rebecca with mr. Hanson having a coffee after lunch currently chilling outs about to go back to the room prepare a little bit for the game how are you feeling mom well some good news guys is that their conditioning has been fixed it's a very powerful air conditioner but I much prefer cold conditions and hot conditions so needless to say I slept better last night still a bit sick let's go take a couple days to recover but now I actually feel much much better yeah today I play master from Argentina I'm white I'm high rated I had to draw yesterday so I really have to try to win today because you're doing it I suppose the ball fight yesterday I spent a lot of time on the game it was for those who watch today and wondered why pretty short draw he spent a lot of time number getting so it wasn't like he's after two and a half hours but yeah I just saw a position being so symmetrical and so Josh and I wasn't feeling so well but I went for the drive the plan of the game was not to go for draw it was to take chances if they were there but I did not see anything that gave chances and the draw was supposed to be a very fair was only going at the beginning but I'm still not very happy with it but based on Thurman situation it's not too bad a lot of people are doing at around me so I'm not really behind the leaders I'm only having one bye but what it means is I do have to start winning with white thunder the drawers black I have to win with white after rack up the points open to put a lot of pressure rather I gonna do some work but they're pretty sharp back in jail it could be a important game when it comes to the opening right yeah we have a bit of time right now just do some work in here but I'll try to see if we could prepare so nasty and he didn't touch especially specialty yeah there was four to five it's okay it's a long tournament but I've really just tried my energy levels back two hundred percent by sleeping exercising well put in a good second half I'm usually a strong finisher or I used to be a strong finisher so if I can do that here I'll be in a really good position to qualify yeah remember the last time you qualified you made like four out of four or five out of five in the last round four and a half out of five run out of out of five so there's definitely still a lot of games that can be won it's not like you're gonna collapse near the end of this room and that's not difficult for you okay so far it's okay and stay to overhear us but now we got to do some homework yeah ooh fancy selfie how do I do this what's up guys pregame pregame prepping I'm just lurking in our messy room Robin is preparing get back to work boy you better get back to work boy they say who's the stranger repeating guy what's he doing with Eric is he like his boyfriend or something I'm a bit disturbed about it because I know more about openings than pretty much the entire field together I think and I'm going to show it by giving you some really good preparation I'm gonna lick this off I won't really want you to win today no excuses no short draws you're gonna find and you're gonna beat we just got really badly and you're gonna use this but we're not showing tonight hi guys Eric just finished his game he's looking at it on the computer was it draw today what what happened buddy oh it's really that's three games in a row this three games is tournament having up in our hour on the clock in a comfortable position and three times I've made a draw but this time was completely like almost positionally wittiness it's a position there was a good position from the opening right just completely disgusting it's not like I missed so many I meant like 50 Queen moves and I thought I was playing I don't know what was going on in my head I missed I started he was a long time and I started playing the moves that I wouldn't have made when I was like 12 years old I had a very comfortable position at a position that was just much much better and I'm up and out on the clock it's the worst type of position to have is for my point your check can push forever no this is this is so fun we're checking over the engine at the moment it's not really the engine thing right it's just decision yeah you lost track a little bit at some point and then I spent an hour from a good position finding bad news that's the worst part I lost my whole time avenged and then in the very final position I refer to drawers like 10 seconds on the clock then he offered about 10 seconds I accepted at the very end very end I can just the total – okay yeah else at the board yeah stuff this was a good chance but um yeah oh I can't win games like this with such a such a nice opening with white I mean it's one thing especially played well yeah I butcher three games three drawers of mine I had a chance to push in each one but I'm not seeing why I play well and then I get a comfortable position at a time advantage auction okay buddy I'm gonna I'm gonna let you cool off a little bit and we'll discuss it we'll discuss what what we have to do over dinner it's a bit of a tough situation but we're gonna get out of it and if nothing is lost yet we can still can still make it we can still qualify but a bit of setbacks today it's part of part of the deal we'll check in with you later okay day six of the Pan Am Continental 2015 with GM handsome four and a half out of six what are your thoughts buddy last night you were a bit disturbed you're a bit disappointed now we're having lunch at some time to talk and think about what happened so long what's on your mind what's a long term multiply wall so far but I'm still on the hunt so I should be big grateful I almost blew up like yesterday losing is even worse I'm not playing well but I just I just have to catch to catch some rhythm the blasts you're out today is a very important day of my block in this time it's performing quite well he was the leader of the tournament a couple I wanna get to deep waters fish for mistakes like that so I take my chances today right I think I'm gonna pretty much impose a ban on myself not accepting draws I have not really draws I don't like to offer draws but I've also used to be offering good rods that I have been most resistant I should still be playing on it so-so cause I have to get out of my head this is pretty much awesome again but you do need to score like out of my last five games at least yeah and I have three blocks so I mean we have to go industry which get us at some stages if I have to but I'm feeling okay like I'm not playing by oh just you have to be in good form with mister but you have to be like you definitely good for like having a good performance is good or not so but you know all gonna do is relax you good for the games will prepare something but sticks it up just a little bit just we think okay this is what it was but hopefully all starts to convert my big time advantages not get too excited I start I start when I start to play worse right okay so I'll keep it right today's a good game and I said well with opportunities to win I think we can beat this guy and put us back in a slightly better spot than we are now so we're gonna follow your game today and good luck

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  1. Don't sweat it Eric, you're still in the hunt, and still got 5 rounds to go, just gotta score a few important wins now. Rooting for you bud

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