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$1M ‘Sin City Hustler’ Is World’s Longest Monster Truck

$1M ‘Sin City Hustler’ Is World’s Longest Monster Truck

JENNIFER CAMPBELL: People are really excited. They all think the truck is insanely amazing. COMM: Retired monster truck racers Brad and Jennifer Campbell have built the world’s
longest monster truck – The Sin City Hustler. JENNIFER CAMPBELL: The inspiration behind building the monster truck, well a lot of
it just actually comes from our race experience. We took a lot of the components of a race truck. JENNIFER CAMPBELL: We decided, you know, we better go big. Brad, if he’s gonna do something,
he has to do it bigger and better than everybody else. We found this ginormous limo and it
all started from there. That’s not every day you get to build the world’s longest
monster truck. The process for building the truck was actually pretty impressive. Brad
and our employee Mike actually did most of the fabrication work and the design work.
They built the chassis and the roll cage and all of the custom paneling, things like that.
Put everything together. The build itself took 15 months, what started out as, ‘We
can get it done in 3-4 months’ turned in to a bigger project then either of us anticipated.
They just did everything by hand. So 15 months and I’m not gonna lie, I cried when I saw
it pull out of the shop, I was so excited. The engine size for the car, it’s a 521 Big
Block Ford. The estimated horsepower, somewhere 750+ horsepower. One of the things about monster
trucks that draws people in is the tires and the wheels, people are like amazed by these
things and they’re 66 inches tall, so I totally understand, they’re huge. We built
the truck to hold 12 passengers. COMM: This gigantic truck is worth a staggering 1 million dollars. JENNIFER CAMPBELL: You know one of the coolest parts about being with this monster truck
is seeing people’s reactions to the truck. People are really excited, they all think
the truck is insanely amazing. When you see it in person, it’s, it’s insane. It literally
is, makes you speechless. It’s just crazy! We offer tours in the monster truck, they
are not really tours so much as they are a thrill ride. It’s about 5 minutes, and we
go through some canyons over the hills. It’s a pretty extreme ride. I used to raise monster
trucks professionally. So for me to say it’s pretty awesome, actually means a lot, it kinda
holds a lot and I’m not, not just not a pretty face here so, it’s pretty cool. That’s
what we do.

Reader Comments

  1. so these fools rather wanted this huge garbage truck over say those expensive sport cars?! Lambo, Limo, Farrari you name it 1mill can buy it…

  2. rip, no diesel.. and they only care about the horsepower.. what they should be worried about is how much torque it has!

  3. Wait that so that thing is Powered by gasoline. I mean it would not really matter, the fact that they had the money for it I don't think they care about the fuel type.

  4. 1 million dollars? U mad? The only way that was 1 million dollars was for research lol, cuz the truck is like 200-250k. 300k AT MAX!

  5. 1,000,000 is to much, new Lamborghini's cost an average of 400k how would this truck cost that much id say about 500k but 1 mil?

  6. don't get me wrong the truck is cool but I see so much flaws is it even street legal? 1mil is way to high the average cost for a monster truck is 250,000 but for that to jump four fold? dosent seem right

  7. 3 month plan and 15 month build time…… Sounds like you dont know wtf you're doing. Or you worked for the government.

  8. Don't competition monster trucks have 1500+ HP? And they're not even all that quick. And this thing, which is like 3x the size of a competition truck, with a full body (not lexan like the race trucks) only has 750 HP? This thing needs a lot more power. You'd be pedal to the metal and engine would be loud af while you're barely going 15 mph.

  9. Perhaps 1M with the marking budget and a tow rig attached… otherwise there is just no way this cost that much…

  10. Congrats, you built a 100% useless thing you call a Monster Truck.
    Seriously though, how in the hell do you claim to have a $1M Monster Truck and have less than $1,000 HP? If you invested $1M, a 1,000 HP engine can be built with plenty of durability for your "Ride Truck". Completely baffled by the claims….

  11. 1. An avg looking chick thinking she's an 8 or 9
    2. A $ 1M truck
    3. A $ 1M truck that is basically a tour bus with no real capabilities of a monster truck.
    4. "Coming from me, it means a lot cause I was a racing driver myself"

    ..just pointing out things that I really hated about this video.

  12. nice movie invite you to my movies DOCUMENTARY CHANEL 4K thank you for watching and SUBSCRIBE great thanks !!!

  13. I don't trust a woman that drives a truck let alone a monster truck let alone a limousine monster truck male ego just won't allow it

  14. They say they're professionals. They estimated 3 months to build but it took 15 months. That doesn't sound like a professional estimate.

  15. Hey pretty face………what truck did u drive…..I've been watching monster trucks sense the early 80's …..dont remember what truck u drove…..?

  16. Hunk of 💩 and a waste of a mill. Which doesn't look like a million in value in my opinion, at least not a million I would spend on anyway!

  17. The tires are huge but not tires of a monster truck really . The vehicle is so tall and long that if you go above some speed and you turn to any direction without the All wheel steering system on it will roll over for sure ! it's something new but not even close to a REAL monster truck …i would say monster limo but it's not a limo either anymore so i will call it monster abomination .

  18. I want to ride that rig when in town next time.drunk and out of money, I'll save that for last. Sorry I get carsick easy.🤢🗿

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