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110m Hurdles at Athletics World Cup 2018

110m Hurdles at Athletics World Cup 2018

and there is two full lineup this men's under ten meter hurdles easier for high-caliber racists I'll camera a South African one taught see the World Indoor champion into mas malok our fourth in Rio goes in three Martin Vogel of German imports a Minji Kia falling than five then rolled leave of Jamaican sings very very consistent performer G of China in seven and Devin Allen of the USA in late night more of him in a minute there is Antonia Elkanah semi-finalists in Rio the South African Mike Tom bets of 13 11 members last year has approached her 13:30 this year would be a good time to find us on the forum and I think you'll need it let's get the top three here and the Pazzi struggling for that best form as I've said the world enduro champion can they put it together here Partin Allah God must come at Stalag are big powerful fella formed in Rey out forth of the World Championships back in 2015 French champion just last week he's in three Martin Vogel of Germany he may well struggle in this sort of race is not his best so far this year bested the outside 14 seconds Vogel David jiggy it up for the new European Championships a couple of weeks a couple years back semi-finalists in Rio the pole and he'll be fired up of course the great performances from several of his team mates so far on this first day Ronald's leaving the commodores champion won the Paris Diamond League couple weeks back in a fabulous track meeting to the south of the French capital up against a really serious opposition is a big time performer the Jamaican in late 7sj of China their number one semi finest the world champions on this track last year and the American champion world number seven this year those in Lane third in Paris second in Lausanne over the last couple of weeks he's a consistent performer likes his American football said to me a couple of years ago that he would go back to American football when he secured an Olympic gold so he's a to many opportunities of getting back to American football is he Tokyo or nothing for Devin Allen perhaps he's only twenty three so perhaps I shouldn't write off his 31st year but Allen is a very very fast sprinter good big time performer too in line eight there so that line up from the far side once again Alcantara South Africa in one taut see of Great Britain goes in to Martin Lagarde of France three Vogel of Germany for gia Poland five leave him to make insane six in the Yellow Sea of China seven and Devon Island to the left for the USA it's a big win for Martin on the gun 13.2 to pretty Swift to is the Frenchman and he knows that's important big point from Pascal Martin on the garden aquatic was their attachment back there after the second or third barrier you went crashing into the third ferry was all over the place no chance to recover from a hint against one of the barriers as hard as that what a shame brandy whose season just will not get but a big win there Martin Lagarde to go top his friend to win a week ago and that really does indicate special things bad for him Cumberland those Europeans it's another big batch of points for France they're actually topped with a table now not having won an event until perhaps Gail Martino Lagarde gone in the block but keep an eye on deposit he was going with a British athlete but turn him in a cello he caught it and he was out yeah the quality quality there of his trail leg unfortunately Len thought might have got a little nudge from the South African athlete that just upset him a little bit and that caused in two catties Trail like sometimes you get away with it sometimes the hurdle topples but if you hook it up and it decelerates you you're heading for the floor look at what it means to Pascal Martin Oh Lagarde a season's best another inconsistent performer on the world stage but you can see on this shot there the Britain was gone but powering ahead Martin oh Allah God well he missed the outdoor season with a foot injury last year I think the passion and the delight was shown on that head-on shot there points for France tonight for celebration for Marco Lagarde before he reached the line there will there be more celebration for the Frenchman tomorrow with something else going on somewhere else but sir but now the trickle of held high I think it is well there it is then the win for Pascal Marla garden seasons best 13.2 to Ronald from Ronald EB again good points for the Jamaican there behind the French Devin Allen the USA in third place thirteen point three six just ahead of Arcana for South Africa

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