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1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 7

1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 7

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  1. Just hoping to help. Your driveline is out of phase. If you want to prevent vibration you need to fix this. This link explains better what you need to do.

  2. You guys should totally get a flat bottom boat, and mount some of those old snowmobile tracks on the side to make an amphibian.

  3. i remember when these dudes hit 100k now they got that snapchat promo and they blew up faster than u can say grind hard plumbing co

  4. Link up the front and rear brakes together with a proportioning valve like in an older car so you can have say 70% braking to the front and 30% to the rear

  5. I’m surprised you guys don’t explore multiple cylinder two stroke marine engines… big time power, powerband, choice of transmission, dime a dozen, unique, and sounds friggin radical…

  6. I find your videos very therapeutic and i enjoy it very much, its so relaxing and educational and its kept me calm and happy and i hope i get to see many more of it.

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