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10 NBA Athletes Caught Cheating With A Teammate's Wife (Ft. LeBron James, James Harden)

10 NBA Athletes Caught Cheating With A Teammate's Wife (Ft. LeBron James, James Harden)

and the famous words of Chris Brown these hoes ain't loyal but in this case these hoes are NBA players welcome to MBA zone and in today's video we'll be discussing ten NBA players who were caught cheating and number 10 we have Raymond Felton Raymond Felton was a fifth pick in the 2005 NBA Draft and has been playing in the NBA ever since he spent the first eight years of his NBA career staying out of relationship troubles but in 2013 that all changed Raymond Felton would marry ariana Raimondo an up-and-coming law student from New York City she was an Ivy League graduate coming from Fordham University so let's talk about what went wrong well a lot went wrong just 19 months after their marriage Feldman Raimondo would get in heated argument regarding Felton's many suspected mistresses during this argument it was reported that Raymond Felton had got so upset that he threatened Ariana's life and pointed in fnh 5.7 by 28 caliber pistol at her thankfully things not escalating any further after the argument ariana would turn and Felton's loaded pistol into the police and filed for a divorce as soon as possible Felton would spent some time in jail but would soon resume his NBA career shortly after in number 9 we have Andrei Kirilenko Andrei Kirilenko is an all-time great international basketball talent drafted in 1999 Kirilenko will go on to play 15 years in the NBA and will be named an all-star in 2004 so as you would assume with NBA success comes women Andre Carol Nico's wife mashallah Petrova a Russian pop singer knew that this was the case so she would take a very unique approach to this situation instead of getting upset if her man cheated she would actually persuade Kirilenko to cheat she believed that Andre cheating would be inevitable due to the lifestyle of NBA players so Masha would actually allow Andre one affair per year now to me this seems strange but it seems to work for the two as they've been married for almost 19 years now so Who am I to judge and number eight we have Lamar Odom here we have another player from the 1999 NBA Draft that fancies himself with women that aren't his in this case that is Lamar Odom Odom was the fourth pick in the 99 draft and would go on to have a very successful NBA career before personal issues with ultimately be his downfall Lamar would struggle with drug use during his time in the NBA but he would also struggle with staying loyal to his wife Khloe Kardashian now this may seem like something straight out of keeping up with the kardashians but this is very real chloe heard rumors that lamar had been cheating on her so she decided to hire a private investigator to follow lamar around for a little while and boy did the results not favor her it turned out that lamar odom had not just been cheating on Chloe but he had been cheating on her with five different women needless to say this relationship did not last and number seven we have Stephon Marbury from 1996 to 2009 you can find Stephon Marbury playing basketball at a high level in the NBA but you also find Stephan wrapping himself up in drama on and off the court one instance of this would come during the early years of Stephan and his wife latasha's marriage during this time it was reported that Stephan was sleeping with his personal chef he would sleep with her on five separate occasions inside of him and latasha's own home the family's chef said that she kept sleeping with Marbury because she felt that it was part of her job this is because Stephan was paying her a million dollars to keep their relationship a secret but on one specific occasion Stephan failed to pay the chef for her services so she decided to spill the beans on her Seeger relationship with Marburg even though this would have marked the end of almost all relationships Marbury's wife Latasha has stuck by his side ever since and number six we have Tony Parker over Tony Parker's career he would rack up accolades such as six-time all-star Finals MVP and four time NBA champion which pretty much guarantees Tony a spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame as impressive as a career tony has had on the court he's had an equally as interesting life off the court particularly when it comes to relationships at one point in time Tony Parker was married to Eva Longoria but this marriage wouldn't even last five years for Parker this is because Tony couldn't contain himself when the NBA lifestyle was constantly pushing women his way one day while with Longoria Parker left his phone out in the open so feeling curious Longoria decided that she would take a look through his phone while looking through his phone Eva would find multiple text messages from her husband Tony to multiple other women one of these women turned out to be Erin berry the former wife of NBA player and at the time teammate Brent berry needless to say this would result in the divorce of not only Tony Parker Eva Longoria but also brent and Erin berry talk about an awkward locker room situation and number five we have Paul George this past offseason Paul George was seen as one of the top values of the NBA's free agency he was suspected to go to LA to join the Lakers but Paul George ultimately decided to stay in Oklahoma City with the Thunder but at one point in time during PJ's career there was a chance that he would go and play wherever Doc Rivers was the coach this is because at one point in time peih-gee was married to Doc Rivers daughter Callie but this marriage would end abruptly this is because Paul George was caught cheating with a stripper at a yacht party this may never have been discovered if it hadn't been for the fact that PG got the stripper pregnant during their encounter George would try to pay the stripper off by offering her a whopping 1 million dollars to keep things discreet but the stripper was denied an offer and the encounter would be leaked to the public ultimately bringing PG and Callie's marriage to an end and number four we have Dwayne Wade not much needs to be said about who Dwyane Wade is we all know that he's an NBA legend and future hall-of-famer but he hasn't held up the same reputation as a loyal husband in his relationship in 2009 Dwyane Wade would meet Gabrielle Union they would continue seeing one another until around 2013 with something very interesting happened waiting the union's seem to be separated the reason why is still unknown but us believe that this was because Wade had an affair with Agia Montoya who at the time was dating actor Damon Wayans Jr this affair led to the birth of the Wayne son Xavier who Union to this day continues not to acknowledge his wait son now even though these things have transpired Dwayne and Gabrielle are still together to this day so hats off to Gabrielle Union for being loyal and number 3 spot we had the big diesel Shaquille O'Neal Shaq is one of the most dominant players in the history of the NBA nowadays you can find him as an analyst on TNT but back in the day you may have been able to find Shaq out partying and chasing women even while he was in a relationship during Kobe Bryan's 2003 assault case Kobe mentioned that he needed to pay off the girls in the same way that Shaq did alluding to Shaq paying off women to keep his encounters with them secret this led to speculation around Shaq's name so he began to be questioned about it that's when Shaq admitted that he indeed did cheat on his ex-wife but quote in a respectful way now I'm not sure how you respectfully cheat on someone but a paly Shaq has these answers and number two we have Michael Jordan imagine being considered the greatest basketball player of all time imagine having millions and millions of dollars coming in every year the number of women flying at you from every direction would be absurd so absurd that I feel like it would be hard to establish a stable relationship this indeed was the case for Michael Jordan for 17 years MJ was married to a woman named Juanita Vannoy who he has three children with in 2006 Juanita would file for divorce and Michael Jordan would have to pay her a settlement of around 168 million dollars this relationship came to an end because Juanita found out that Michael had been cheating on her for years he had numerous mistresses including a woman named Karlin FL who Jordan offered five million dollars to in order to keep their affair a secret so even though he may be considered the greatest basketball player of all time he's certainly not the greatest husband of all time and our number one spot we have LeBron James now I don't need to explain her LeBron James even is that would almost seem to be redundant but I do have to explain them this hits our number one spot only due to the status of LeBron James as a human being it's not the most extreme case of cheating on this list by its LeBron James it's also one of the lesser known cases of cheating from the NBA landscape LeBron is clearly a great father to his three children he constantly shows them off on social media he's always supporting them at their own sports events all three of his children are from his wife and high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson now his family-oriented as LeBron is he's also fell victim to experimenting with other women in the past just a few months after lebron and Savannah's wedding LeBron was seen hitting on other women in front of an NBC associate producer LeBron also has been linked tomorrow's Nina Agdal and Carmen Ortega now I know this isn't really an extreme case of so-called cheating but LeBron status amongst the celebrities of the world earns his case the number one spot on our list so that's going to do it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed this one and if you did drop a like on this video and consider subscribing to the channel with that being said I will see you guys next time and thanks for watching

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  1. I dont like the Lebron part. Was he hitting on them. Or did he just give a compliment.. I dont rhink Lebron should be part of this video. The mans a class act..

  2. Hold on Chloe heard rumors that Lamar was cheating on her I think that s*** was the other way just ask James Harden😂😂😂

  3. Only person that will make a 10 minute video about players cheating on their wives is someone who wish they we're getting some p*ssy…… another 40 Year Old Virgin SMH

  4. You might want to check your facts they was engaged Doc Rivers daughter and Paul George they we're not marriaged

  5. I don't condone cheating ESPECIALLY with a teammates wife. That just off base, but generally, cheating comes with the territory when you marry into the NBA. Dudes been bagging chicks like candy since high school. Throw in that NBA money and it's like bees to honey. It's extremely hard not to dip a toe into the pool when the water's warm. It's rarely about a relationship, it's just sex. I know this personally, but it's not impossible for you to stop. You just have to get the right woman, and love her enough not to break her heart if she ever found out. I don't know why some even bother to get married so young, when they haven't finished sowing their wild oats. Live, love, and chill.

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