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10 Insane Car Records You’ll Regret Not Seeing…

10 Insane Car Records You’ll Regret Not Seeing…

We’ve all seen great car stunts in movies,
but what about car stunts in real life? I’m not talking about your crazy uncle who
never follows the rules of the road, I mean fearless, talented people who go all out to
pull off some of the most daring, crazy, amazing or just plain jaw dropping stunts you’ll
ever see – sometimes even risking their lives and setting records in the process. Today I’ve gathered together the very best
of these incredible stunts to get your heart racing as fast as these cars, and your adrenaline
pumping as though you’re behind the wheel. Just like with everything in life, some people
are real pros, and today I’m going to show you some real expert drivers. Let’s get it on! FASTEST SIDE WHEELIE
You’ve probably seen someone do a wheelie with a motorbike, but I bet you’ve never
seen one done with a car. Finish stuntman Vesa Kivimäki has though,
and he did it to epic proportions. He teamed up with Nokian Tyres who designed
a new tyre which, unlike other tyres, can withstand the drive on their sides needed
to break this world record. And it was probably needed, since the previous
record holder was the Swedish driver Goran Eliasen, who set the record at 112.62 mph
way back in 1997! Nobody had managed to break it in 19 years,
but Kivimäki had a dream of being the record holder ever since he was a kid and he wasn’t
going to let anything stop him. In a diesel BMW, with his speed on two wheels
being measured over a distance of 328 feet, he broke the record with an astonishing speed
of 115.742 miles per hour! With a speed like that, he definitely proved
that even the most unbeatable records are just waiting to be broken. LARGEST LOOP THE LOOP
Back in 2019, British stunt driver Terry Grant broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest
loop the loop in a car, breaking his previous record in the process. He did it in a brand new sleek Jaguar F-Pace,
their first crossover SUV, to celebrate Jaguar’s 80th birthday. The loop he drove the car around is the world’s
biggest vertical loop at a dizzying 63 feet high! And even more amazing than that, the G-force
he endured while going around was a whole 6.5G’s, which is even more than space shuttle
pilots face on launch! It’s a spectacular display, have a look! Now that’s what I call a loop the loop! TIGHTEST PARALLEL PARKING
The skill of parallel parking isn’t easy to master, even for the most experienced drivers,
but it also has its world records and one of the most amazing ones to date took place
back in 2014, by chinese driver Hun Yue who beat the record for tightest parallel parking
– a record which experts had thought was unbeatable. At the China Drift Championship, he managed
the truly incredible feat of perfectly parallel parking in a space just 3.15 inches bigger
than the Mini 3 Door Hatch he was driving. Although not performed at breakneck speed,
it makes for white-knuckle viewing, have a look: FASTEST DRIFT
This video is made possible not only by the bravery of the driver but also by the impressive
craftsmanship behind the car itself! Back in 2016, the daredevil Japanese driver
Masato Kawabata managed to break Guinness World Record for Fastest Vehicle Drift an
unbelievable 3 times on one airstrip in the United Arab Emirates on the same day. His weapon of choice was a Nissan GT-R Nismo
which had been specially tuned for maximum stability and agility to pull off the staggering
stunt. The angle of the drift was taken into account
for the 3 record breaks, and his speeds were astounding: at 55.21 degrees, he achieved
169.8 miles per hour, he reached 184.4 miles per hour at an angle of 34.42 degrees, but
his fastest speed was at an angulation of 33.56 degrees with a breakneck speed of 189.49
miles per hour! Each one of his speeds absolutely smashed
the previous record. RANGE ROVER UP STAIRS
It’s one thing to beat a world record, it’s another to become the first to do something,
but in 2018 Range Rover’s racing driver, did just that by becoming the first person
to ever complete the Dragon Challenge. It was an incredible challenge, starting with
just getting to the location of the climb: the Dragon Challenge takes place on the steps
leading up to China’s Heaven’s Gate, but to get there, they needed to navigate one
of the world’s most dangerous roads. The winding Tianman Mountain road consists
of 99 hairpin turns and even one wrong move could have been deadly. The actual Dragon Challenge involved the specially
built test model Range Rover, switched into its Mud and Ruts Mode, climbing the 999 steps
up to Heaven’s gate. The whole stunt, which experts weren’t sure
was actually possible, was completed in just 22 minutes and 41 seconds, so you probably
won’t see this record broken anytime soon. BMW LONGEST DRIFT
Some records are so difficult to break that people go to insane lengths to achieve them,
and this BMW longest drift record is one of those. In 2018 BMW decided to reclaim their Longest
Drift title with their new M5 model. But they weren’t just content to break the
record, they clearly wanted to set a new record that would be almost impossible to beat. To do that they modified the car allowing
it to be refuelled mid-drift – they weren’t going to let anyone take this title away from
them anytime soon. The stunt required a second M5 carrying fuel
to drift alongside the record-setting car so someone could hang out the window and refuel
the being driven by Johan Schwartz mid-drift. It’s a truly astonishing feat, and it allowed
them to not only to beat the record for Longest Continuous Wet Drift, but almost double it,
with an incredible 232.5 mile drift undertaken in eight hours. When BMW goes for a record, they really go
There’s a history of records of cars pulling planes and each one gets better than the last. Back in 2017, the record for Heaviest Aircraft
Pulled by a Production car was broken when a 285 ton, Air France Airbus A380 was towed
down a runway at Charles de Gaulle Airport by a Porsche Cayenne S Diesel. It made full use of its 385 horsepower V8
engine to get that incredible job done. The parallel record, Heaviest Tow by an Electric
Production Passenger Vehicle, is of course held by Tesla. In 2018 the Tesla Model X SUV managed to pull
a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, weighing 143.5 tons, 1000 feet down a taxiway at Australia’s
Melbourne Airport. It doesn’t sound as impressive as the Porsche,
until you realise that the Tesla is typically only able to tow 2.75 tons. For both Tesla and Porsche, this was a great
showcase of their exceptional engineering. FASTEST TWO-WHEELED MILE
As if one record on this list wasn’t enough, Terry Grant is back for another. A year before his Loop the Loop record, Grant
took a Range Rover Sport SVR to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to beat his own record for
the Fastest Mile in a Car On Two Wheels. It wasn’t easy – he tried and failed to
achieve it four times over that weekend. It was no easy task – he used a ramp to
get the car onto two wheels and then had to maintain the balance to prevent the car from
tipping one way or the other. Despite that, on his fifth and final try,
on a 1 mile stretch of the Goodwood Hill Climb, he managed an incredible time of 2 minutes
and 24.5 seconds, clipping speeds of 60 miles per hour! He not only beat his previous record but completely
destroyed it at almost a full 30 seconds better! Have a look at this! Now that’s something you don’t see every
If you thought you’d seen the true definition of speed, save that thought for just a moment… On November the 6th, 2019, the British supersonic
car known as the Bloodhound made headlines as it achieved a breath-taking speed of 501
miles per hour in a test run ahead of its world record attempt in 2020. Andy Green who will attempt the record, is
the current land speed record holder who will attempt to break his own record in this new
car. He described a speed of 200 miles per hour
as feeling like driving from snow onto ice, so we can only imagine what it must be like
to control a supersonic car powered with a jet engine at a speed of 501 miles per hour. Only seven vehicles have managed to top 600
miles per hour mark, and the current record holder is the Thrust SSC which, back in 1997
reached a seemingly impossible speed of 763 miles per hour, becoming the first land vehicle
to break the speed of sound! It sounds like an unbeatable record, but you
can’t tell that to the man who set it in the first place. LONGEST CAR LAUNCH
You can break records, and then you can break records in style. In 2016, Bryce Menzies took a specially modified
truck to a ghost town in New Mexico to see if he could break the record for the Longest
Car Launch. The truck had been tested and tinkered with
so it would be ideal for flying through the air, and the ghost town was there to give
everyone a sense of scale so you know just how far this car could jump. Ramps were set up for tests, but the televised
event was cancelled when, during a qualifying run, Menzies suffered a serious crash which
destroyed the incredible flying truck and fractured his shoulder. Luckily they had the cameras rolling, so we
can still see the moment when he broke the World Record for Longest Car Launch ahead
of the moment he was meant to. Not only does a car flying the length of a
football field plus 20 feet look great, the 379.2 foot jump annihilated the previous record,
coming in at almost 50 feet further! He even took it that little bit further by
doing a celebratory wheelie at the end, like the ghost town wasn’t cool enough.

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