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10 Hacks For Faster Climbing | How To Cycle Faster Uphill

10 Hacks For Faster Climbing | How To Cycle Faster Uphill

(inspirational music) – Do you want Strava Q.O.M.s? And do you want them now? Well, accepted wisdom has it that if you want to climb better,
you need to be disciplined and consistent with your training, disciplined and consistent
with your recovery, and disciplined and
consistent with your diet. (record scratching) But accepted wisdom is just
so old fashioned and frankly, discipline and consistency
are just a bit boring and they require,
discipline and consistency. And frankly after years
of training and racing, I’m over that, so let’s
look at some sneaky, but totally legal, I hasten to add, ways to improve your time on a climb to bag that Q.O.M. or K.O.M. (upbeat music) Are you too fond of food
to cut back on calories? Don’t worry, you can lose weight from your bike much quicker. Leave the beat-ons at home. In fact, take the bottle
cages off all together. Wear your lightest clothing,
take off your under jersey, take off your gloves, take off your socks, don’t need sunnies. You can even take off the
saddle because you’re gonna be standing up sprinting the
whole way anyway, right? And weight is everything. This is a bit controversial,
but it is actually possible to lose a kilo, but even two,
just before you go riding. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. If you go for number two before your ride, you can save a lot of weight. I mean, it would cost a lot of money to take two kilos off your bike and it would take a huge
amount of self discipline to lose two kilos of body weight. So if going to the toilet is not part of your pre-ride routine, well, there’s a couple of tricks you could try. You could have a really strong coffee and you could do some star jumps. Oh, gotta go. (footsteps) (door closing) Along those same lines, what
you eat in the 48 hours prior to your big Strava segment attempt could make quite a big
difference to your body weight. You might’ve heard the pros
talking about low residue diets. That basically means eating
a diet that is low in fiber in the run-up to a big event. That means that they’re
not carrying around a load of fiber in their gut. So, skip the salad,
skip the fruit and veg. Stick to plain, refined carbohydrate. Now you know that dietary
advice is very much on the side of eating a lot of fruit and veg, so this is not healthy long term, this is really just a
one to two day tactic in the run-up to your target event. (upbeat music) Lose weight the expensive way. Now this is probably
what we would all love to be able to do, just spend, spend, spend to make the bike as light as possible. If you’ve got the money and
you love your bike, why not? I’m assuming here that the
utilized minimum weight requirement of 6.8 kilos
does not apply to you. If the climb you’re
targeting is not too steep, you should hopefully be going
at quite a decent speed. Now the rule of thumb
for aero gains and losses is generally taken as about
20 kilometers an hour. But, it’s a sliding scale, so if you think you’ll be riding at 10, 15,
or 20 kilometers an hour, it makes sense to train of
riding in a super aero position with your head down to
minimize aero losses. And you can invest in a
more aero frame, wheels, maybe some aero over shoes,
a skin suit, aero helmet. Just make sure that you buy
aero kit that’s also super light because that’s a really
expensive way of doing it. I’d like to add here that the
trade off between aero losses and the mass of your bike and kit is a complicated optimization
and it will depend in each case on the steepness,
the speed you’re riding, the wind conditions, the air
density, your frontal area, and the coefficient drag,
and your mass, in some cases. Especially draggy, not very steep hills, being more aero, but heavier,
will actually be faster than going as light as possible. Now wind conditions can
obviously make a big difference to your time on any segment,
so do your homework. Research the prevailing wind directions, check out the seasonal
and daily variations, monitor the weather
conditions, and set up an alert so you know when the best time
is for your Q.O.M. attempt. Obviously, the main thing you
want is a big, big tailwind, but also low air pressure and
dry cool conditions will help. Like the pros, it helps to
have a good team around you if you want to win and this is
what cycling friends are for. First, you’ll need a cracking lead out in the front of the climb and then, you’ll need at least
one, preferably several, super-dom assists to sit on the front any point where the climb
is below 20% gradient. You’ll want to make your
team train rigorously for the event, I mean, you
don’t want to be let down by their lack of fitness. On the other hand, you don’t
want them to train too hard, in case they drop you half way up. Now if none of your friends
is up to the job of pacing you through a Strava segment, or if in fact, you don’t actually have any friends left, possibly due to your
Strava related behavior, well don’t panic! Instead you can recruit
your husband or boyfriend or parents, or godparents,
or your own children even. Set them up on an e-bike
and get them to pace you into and then right to the climb. By the way, I take no
responsibility of any divorces or familial discord
resulting from this advice. (upbeat music) Family and friends have a role
to play off the bike as well. It’s well known that the
atmosphere and ambiance of a big event can help
athletes to dig in even deeper to try even harder for the win. So, persuade all your
friends and your family to line up along the climb to cheer you on to your big Q.O.M. attempt. If your former friends have
stopped answering your calls and your family thinks your
Strava obsession is unhealthy and your partner’s left you because you only ever talk
about bikes, well, don’t panic. What you can do is record
the sound of cheering crowds and then play it over
headphones while you’re riding. Just make sure it’s not
illegal to ride with headphones wherever you are, perfect. (upbeat music and cheering) So hours leading up to a
strenuous, athletic event are crucial for getting
your fueling right. If you’ve done everything
right in preparation, you don’t want to ruin
it all by eating a pizza or even two just an hour beforehand. And even if you haven’t
done everything right, like you couldn’t be bothered to train, still don’t want to vomit halfway through. Your last meal before an
intense effort like a hard climb should be at least three hours beforehand and should consist entirely
of refined carbohydrates. Caffeine is also your friend. Caffeine will help you ride
faster and unless of course, you are sensitive to
caffeine, in which case, don’t drink too much of it. Recovery is critical to performance. In fact, you get stronger in
recovery, not in training. So make sure you taper well for your K.O.M. or Q.O.M. attempt. This could be a good excuse
to not do the training that you didn’t want to do anyway. It’s definitely a good excuse
not to do any heavy lifting, grocery shopping, cleaning,
playing with the kids, or in fact, just having a social life. As the pros say, never
run when you can walk. Never walk when you can stand still. Never stand still when you can lie down. Once you’re lying down, take a nap. I hope this video helps you to
achieve Strava segment glory. I have to say that, think
it might actually be easier and more fun to just ride my bike more and eat less chocolate to go a bit faster, but there you go. If you would actually
like to do some training, if you click down here, for
some G.C.N. training videos.

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  1. Hack: You can sell your kidney and lose about 125 to 170 grams then, use the money for weight reduction upgrades and loose more weight.
    (Recommending to look for a dialysis center on top of that climb as well.)

  2. Being a dreadful climber, pacing is super important. My new climbing mantra is "go slow". Huh? Yeah, start out slow and maintain a consistent effort to prevent blowing up. When I get close to the summit I try and pick it up a bit.

  3. your seat is too low. and you are imitating si too much, have your own character.

    and you made such videos DOZENS of times before. I learned absolutely nothing from this.

  4. Hi Emma, always enjoys your video!!! The headphone one is hilarious!!.. anyway, I'm always wondering about your bike. What size Trek bike are you riding? Looks like you ride the Domane? I have the same height and weight as you and I can't decide whether I should buy size 47 or size 50. I like the feel of the bigger bike, but I"m worried about the adjustment with the seatmast. Do you mind giving me your insight on your Trek set up? Thanks Emma.

  5. I find GCN videos so entertaining and informative, they have been crucial on my motivation to commute to work and loose those extra pounds.

  6. Yeah – 2kg in the toilet, you need to go and see a doctor. 1kg in the toilet, yeah you need to go and see a doctor.

  7. "never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand still, never stand still when you can lie down, once you're lying down, take a nap". -E.Pooley, that's perfect

  8. A shorter crank will make you climb faster too. It sounds counter intuitive but it is true. Your feet will move in a smaller circle. You will be able to push down with more force. It will be like moving the seat back on a leg press machine. You will be able to lift more metal plates when the seat is moved back. Less weight moved when the seat is,moved foreard. Forward is like having longer cranks.

  9. Quick question Emma: If you take off the saddle, why did you leave the saddle post? Would it be better and safer to take off both?

  10. emma, you are so entertaining and educational, yet amusing and relaxing to watch . i have made sure that i have dealt with number 2s , as you have outlined , whilst thinking that i was becoming obsessional about marginal gains . but here , up you pop , telling me that i was correct all along. . thank you for an educational informative and amusing vid . you such an asset for GCN ☺

  11. Did a 100kilometer ride today, but with lots of climbing, my legs are not mine, need to recover for a day or two…
    Emma makes it look so darn easy, she just stands up does that little dance and she just rips it apart, INCREDIBLE!!
    Small, light, powerful, and very experienced for sure, a pleasure to watch her talk and ride like it's NOTHING 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  14. IEMs might be a tad more aero, ha ha. More seriously, consider the more recent claims of health and performance benefits from athletes switching to keto. Hmmmm…..

  15. Disagree on the refined carbs.. Wholefoods like dates, figs etc or puree ( baby food ) gives instant high glycemic energy and doesn't cause harm like refined..refined oils are extremely damaging also while on the subject;) Nature is far more intelligent in it's structuring of carbs with accompanying minerals etc for best effects. ( loved the vid tho : )

  16. Great advice.. especially the recovery part, I’m triaining fr an Olympic distance triathlon. I’ve been known to hit it hard fr 3 days in a row and schedule an intense day 4, only to wake up and realize that it should be a rest day instead. Then I pickup in the next. Day and ride even harder. Thanks fr the great advice and reassurance!

  17. I'm really mad that some of my local segments' KOMs are taken by some guy going 75 km/h at 7% hills. They should really invalidate this sort of things :/

  18. This is awesome and really funny! Emma is my favorite member of the GCN team. Greetings from Mexico City!

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  20. Failing other methods, the most common wind direction for any area can be had by looking at the orientation of runways at nearby airports. Nobody spends $5 – 5,000 million to build an airport without first determining which orientation will have aircraft facing directly INTO the wind.

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