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馃敟REVEALING MY STATS (SAT, ACT, GPA, Rank, etc.) | My College Application Story 2018: Katie Tracy

馃敟REVEALING MY STATS (SAT, ACT, GPA, Rank, etc.) | My College Application Story 2018: Katie Tracy

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  2. I've been going through your past videos to see if you covered studying for Math 2 and Chemistry SATs, I failed ^^''

    Did you cover studying for them before? And if not what tips would you give for studying for them?

  3. Okay, that does it. I thought a 4.35 GPA was ok (4.64 GPA 10-12) but if becoming valedictorian gets you rejected from almost all of the elite schools, I might as well throw away my dreams and aspirations. God how I hate my life!

  4. Hello katie, first of all your video is very usefull for us. Keep doing, and other thing is about me i am play a boxing game, so these activity can be consider in extra curriculum activity? But still i have no certificate that can be prove me a sports person. So please help me about this.

  5. Hi Katy! Well done – your statistics are amazing! I am just a bit concerned about what you said about the IB program being stronger than the AP's. I am just finishing up my junior year, top of my class, but do you think it will be a big disadvantage that I did not do another program like yours? I am not originally from the U.S. so I only knew about the normal system when we moved.

  6. The main reason she didn鈥檛 get in to any of the top 10 US schools is because she didn鈥檛 do any extracirriculars out of school, like in her community!

  7. I think maybe a bit more focus on the extra curriculars would be better? I think as far as I know most colleges care about what you want to do in the future and whether you are determined to do it. Just my guess.

  8. Awesome video!! 馃挅I loved your enthusiasm! I鈥檓 a freshman in high school and was wondering..Exactly what did you do in your freshman year. How many clubs do you recommend that I should be in? Thank you again!!

  9. ah i鈥檓 so shocked at how you did that all! my school has such smart people and they are all so competitive… the school i go to has a collection of very extreme students so it鈥檚 so hard to be that one person who gets picked for an award 馃檨

  10. Wait, by the time IB students get their scores back in like July they鈥檝e already graduated. How tf does that work? Senior AP and IB don鈥檛 count right cuz u already know if ur accepted or not. AP student here so have no idea how IB works.

  11. Wow amazing and stellar achievements but you did too many things that didn鈥檛 angle towards your interests. You鈥檙e amazingly well rounded and extremely smart which means you can be anything and be great at it. The problem is, elite schools are looking for angular applicants. But you鈥檙e going to one of the best schools I presume.

  12. At my school, where i鈥檝e taken both IB and AP classes, the curriculums for things like science and social studies are very very similar. I feel the rigor is the same even though the final exams and written tasks are differently formatted.

  13. That seems like so much effort. The only thing I'm going to do is take part in schools competitions attended by my school and personal projects where I go past the Comp Sci curriculum, the cover OOP later on, yet I already started some learning some OOP for Java a year ago(have to pick that back up).

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