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🔥Harvard Students spill the COLLEGE TEA… ft. Sienna Santer, MattyCraps, ClamsArts! | Katie Tracy

🔥Harvard Students spill the COLLEGE TEA… ft. Sienna Santer, MattyCraps, ClamsArts! | Katie Tracy

Aloha it's Katie and it's our last full day here in Boston we're done with a conference so we're just gonna go down you weary Street do some shopping and then at around dinner time I'm gonna go back to Harvard to meet Janna Madi and Caitlin and there are all freshman vloggers too we're gonna be doing a little Q&A and getting dinner after so stick around for all your burning questions to be answered every time I tap this thing because it's so fancy I get electrified we electrocuted like a static every time apparently it's gonna be really windy and it's like 53 km/h when I just checked right now lay down a few moments later I'm gonna get frostbite the line is so long we're at 3-3 right now for lunch because Adrian Zayne took me to do a big fake here I was watching the video I think there's one thing one of the costumes that they asked the people were when did you lose your virginity I got the miso bowl and she got the kale Caesar it was a really nice photo place so we're gonna take photos first impressions I didn't tomato I was good good tomato all right potatoes I was putting all of these hangers on my hand and luck look so whoa so we're here the rest of the vloggers now there's not ECU wrong and then there's caitlin clam sorry I'll leave their links down below so you should subscribe to them definitely they have quality content 90 and I asked you guys on our socialists to send us questions and we're just going to go through the first socialist bloc not easy routes videos Williams arts pianist Angier at a little hooking the X first question how much coffee everyday oh I love coffee but our dining hall actually tries to wean us off caffeine and they water down the coffee which is so crappy when you're drinking like four cups of coffee it's basically they don't like water – next question was it easy to make friends yes I feel like most people don't like come from the same school like for the most part so when you're here like everyone's trying to make friends which is why it's like so easy because everyone's like super friendly in the beginning I think like as the semester progresses though it definitely becomes harder to try making new friends because people have like their establishment and I think it's nice because you're constantly meeting people through extracurriculars and other events too so generally I think people like meeting others Gaming is big here we met at visit on now any tips on staying healthy and not safe no thank you I did not get an exercise buddy or just find some fitness motivation exercise try to sleep it off eat breakfast I just eat food so what were your first impressions of your schools I thought Harvard seem pretty cool I came to the visit toss weekend and they had nice events so my first impression was pretty good I was pleasantly surprised too because my impression of Cornell was just cold isolated no Sun but I went in the summer and it was gorgeous well that's the saying it's gorgeous [Laughter] my first impression I would say is like in a summer when I was forcing the campus here but it was a lot like warmer and it's like the people in general and like overall atmosphere was just a lot more welcoming than I thought I think like I really exposed a projector to get a lot of like stereotypes being really cold and competitive and blur really normal or like they keep their mean and they study all the time or something like that and like I don't know the people are just like super welcoming do you think attending a college summer program is overall beneficial is it worth the money no no yeah I never did any summer program actually I would also say like definitely in terms of application there's other things that would definitely help like equally a lot more than some summer program but if you're like interested in a field maybe that's what I'd say like a summer program would be good for example like cosmos or something like that but besides that I'm not really some people think that summer programs you like do them a lot of help believe in the name of the college but really I think it's about what you do during your summer if you're doing something you're passionate about and you're growing in that I think that's what's more important please ask Maddie when we're gonna hear it's actually estimating 2 million subscribers maybe hours ago for you to present for CNN we asked her to tell us something about her novel and how did you know I wrote it when I was 14 it's super embarrassing No so basically in high school I went away to any like writing retreat and we all had like different writing goals mine was like writing fifty thousand words on the novel so it was kind of part of like National Novel Writing Month which is like news it was like dystopian kind of long ago and like Hunger Games like brief synopsis is basically like about perfection and like a society that values perfection and so there was like a different or there's a series of like tests that every person has to go through when they like come of age that kind of proved that their aptitude and like perfection in like all these different areas and if you kind of score below the actual like merit of like what makes you like a person that's valued in society you get like outcast it next New York Times bestseller right answer right in Japan that's all for the Q&A real and formally Maddie had a question from where you see your YouTube channel in the future hopefully still continuing I've been on YouTube for like four or five years and I think I've grown with it so I want to continue growing with it for me it's more about like my relationships and like being authentic and I think I'm holding myself to basically my relationships and like I want to meet a lot of amazing people like in the YouTube community both like creators and like subscribers so I think if I can create really good lasting friendships with other youtubers and have a group of like loyal subscribers like no matter what that number is just having like people that are actually there for me and like support what I do and actually what I do and it's like that two-way relationship I think that will be a success I definitely see myself continuing I would hope that maybe I'll get to be able to me like some of my favorite youtubers david dobrik oh lab with them Oh watching hit us up I'll probably continue for a while it's fun I kind of like stop since I gave my school I kind of just want to like document my and arch but also if I don't end up doing that I do YouTube art let me know thumbnails banners yeah email me I do design work yes plug it plug it contact clams are that remember the Salman mango both of them got it like a true couple so that's it for today's vlog it's also the last vlog because I'm going back to Ithaca tomorrow but overall this boss trip was really nice being able to talk to all these people it was very eye-opening and I am very appreciative that three of them came out to dinner with me on a weekday night when I'm sure it's very busy for them I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel here in my vlog channel here because I upload new videos every week and I'm really trying to bust out a lot of videos as a college student click the bells train my notifications on so you don't miss any video a lot of exciting highly requested videos are coming up cuz it's Harper I to watch more of my videos and don't first of all me and social media I love how KTX enjoy more of these q A's and other things in the future thank you for watching I love you guys and I'll see you next week with another new video bye guys

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  1. ALLLOOOHHHAAAA!!! My brother and I love your videos! we came in through watching your YouTube 101!! amazing videos! i agreed with everything you said and have taken the tips very seriously! My brother and I wanted to say ALLLOOOHHHAAA and we hope to get SHOUTOUT!

  2. aloha✨ new subscriber here haha ive already watched all ur videos and now i dont know what to watch 🙁 cant wait for your next vlog 💕

  3. caitlyn and matthew are so cute together 😍 also sienna's novel sounds so interesting. this is such a fun video katie.

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