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🎓How to Get Into an Ivy League 2018: Stats, Essays, Extracurriculars for College Apps | Katie Tracy

🎓How to Get Into an Ivy League 2018: Stats, Essays, Extracurriculars for College Apps | Katie Tracy

Aloha its Katie and I'm back with another college video this time I'm interviewing some of my friends who got into amazing schools a lot of you in particular have been asking how to get in the Ivy League so I'm interviewing people who have gone accepted to join me this video and share some of their experiences their SATs extracurriculars essays interviews and all of that good stuff so that they can give you advice when it's your turn to apply but first if you're new to my channel you should subscribe down below to join our all Mohana we welcome you to our family if you can expect a lot more college videos coming up I upload new videos every weekend I also just started my blog channel for college so hopefully you can expect a lot more college videos coming soon also give this video a thumbs up and comment any requests you have down below let's meet these students so let's start off by introducing yourself we're having sharing so my name is kensey and I'm going to Yale University I'm Sean and I'm gonna be heading over to Brown University in Providence Rhode Island hello I'm Mandy Mandy is going to Princeton wrong my name is Yu Yin I'm going to the University of Pennsylvania I'm planning on majoring in global affairs or environmental studies I'm doing like this interdisciplinary major called nets which is kind of cops I II kind of like business it's Eisenhower your staff my staffer strength on application 35 ECT 800 in physics and SAT math level 2 GP wise I wasn't Katie but had a decent GPA 6.67 on the IB scale which is out of seven unweighted my standardized testing was good at that but it wasn't anything extraordinary like my SAT scores they were above 1500 it was like low fifteen hundred's for my GPA 6.5 so that was pretty good and I got a pretty good 45 for me I think they weren't crazy genius amazing I feel like that's an important thing too if you're at a certain level already you don't necessarily have to waste your time and spend time pushing it to be perfect there are a lot of people that I know for sure that didn't have stats that were super perfect but they focus their time on other things that would be more productive and as long as you reach that certain level I think people can just see that you're good enough what do you think is a savior for me if you hit at least like on 32 and above I think that should be fine if you took it for like the first time sure and you got a 32 or whatever I think it's worth trying like one more time but if you've done it like three times already and you really try it that's good enough and you can be more productive with your time and spend it doing other things for me my scores weren't as good and they were the thing I was most worried about but I think colleges these days are gonna obviously be looking at you and a holistic perspective so they're not gonna define you by your grades and your numbers so instead I would say once you're past there I would really focus on who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing what your passions are what extracurricular to do in or outside school a main extracurricular that I do is that I dance I dance in school and then I also teach kids who have experience like some sort of trauma so some kids were sexually abused or some were displaced from their houses because here we have a lot of like natural disasters in the provinces I think it's really important for you to be like authentic and genuine about like talking about these things because I think leaders can really feel it and see it I'm very passionate about sports despite not being very good I love football I also play badminton and baseball I was also very involved in the student ambassador program here which is like a welcoming committee for new students oh and of course some service clubs I'm very passionate about you know start project vaccine doctor on board with that taught lessons about science and math and ambition to of pretty smart kids and then on another leg I was part another project that I hope co-found which help mentor not-so-good students people who are on probation for bringing drugs to schools smoking on campus saw some pretty awesome changes I think my biggest extracurriculars being the president of sustainability council I've been involved with things like global issues network since middle school and I applied with an interest in environmental studies or global affairs and so it really tied in well and it's also with the classes I'm taking because I do the AIA be same as Katie and I take higher level geography and biology so in your application you kind of just edited in any way possible and another thing was also art and if the college allows you to submit any sort of supplement you can back up what you're saying about your own work so I submitted my art portfolio as well as talking about it for a bit and I even suggested that I might do it as a major and a lot of my art is very political because I'm half Tibetan so I tied that in with what I do outside of school over the summers and I tied it in with my art so it was very cooking food I had a service program that I started with my friends in freshman year I did mu and for all four of my years I didn't inform for years and I was quite a bad throw for years I think these activities that carry out for all four years with the ones that were stand out for me how do you think your teacher records were what did you ask I asked my Spanish teacher and my English teacher with my Spanish teacher she was also this coordinator for sustainability council so she knew me outside of just the classroom and then my English teacher I was really close to and she also was obviously a great writer and she knows me as a person I've had her for two years I've had both of them for over two years so I think you need to really think about who knows him best as a person when you're deciding that coincidentally the teacher asked for my teacher X or necessary the teacher that liked me most but they were the teachers I felt that knew me the best I had my math teacher my English teacher any recommendations I asked my chemistry teacher in my English teacher because I felt like my chemistry teacher was really responsible teacher and I knew that if I asked if he would write a near-record like spend time on it and for my English teacher I think we had a pretty good relationship and I think English teachers are better at communicating what their thoughts are through words and it can help like portray you to be the person face here I asked our English teacher my junior year two other teachers with my Rex my math teacher and then my other one is my dance teacher here and she's basically like my second mom for your SATs what did you write about four years I'm a common app I talk sort of about my own sense of identity coming from so many different backgrounds a pretty Indian but two sets of grandparents one was a Hindu Muslim marriage in the partition of India when the British left which was a partition based on religion and so that was a really big deal like both men were disowned from their family on the other side my two grandparents were a white woman and an Indian man who married in the u.s. when interracial marriages were legal so I've sort of been raised with three different very different religions and that sort of impacted the way I see a lot of world issues for my common app it was sort of more like a story I almost feel like it was like an excerpt from a book and I wanted to make it really creative I mean this is just one way to do it right but I started out very descriptive it was about a story of a celebration I do in Tibet in new year and it was about this really weird thing where we make this demon and we walk around her house and we sweep demons out of our house and then we put it out in the street and then we have to run back home and if you turn around then you're gonna be haunted for the next year and so it was very strange but I went through that whole process and then how last year when I celebrated with my younger cousins it was a moment of realization and that was how it tied in with the actual common up essay question and the end it sort of just turned into Who I am as a person and about it was about identity and how the sort of experience made me realize what I want to be doing in the future and being a social activist and stuff like that for my common up essay I talked about the realizations that I had when I taught these children because my preconceptions of teaching them and like the service that I wanted to do for them were definitely different from what I learned coming out of it so I basically talked about how I met this girl she came from Tacloban when the typhoon hit and she was really quiet in the beginning going into teaching the kids the mindset that I had was I have to teach them the proper technique like they have to be able to do this perfectly they execute the steps properly but it was mostly about giving these children an outlet and allowing them to trust each other and they build a sense of community so they all had each other because they were all going through tough times for my app like there were specific quotes that you could choose from for your supplemental essays shows one about of culture I'm really proud of her Filipino culture and I'm involved with promoting a Filipino culture I actually was able to incorporate because variety we have to do the EE I researched a specific type of filipino cultural dance it was talked about telling stories through movement and through the Filipino culture which then also I get in relates to why I kind of want to take sociology my supplements I talked about how I could use stem beneficial ways with societal applications for the brown specific I say why Brown this one was really important to me because it's a school that you would not see someone major in Comp Sci or something think of as their first choice it was my first choice why talk about how other specific type of atmosphere in which to proceed through college and Brown really offered the show place people enjoying themselves explore because there's no core curriculum and on that point other question us is like how do you make a choice people when I tell them like my family I'm going to brown their foot on Harvard it's so important to choose someplace that you're not just gonna be excited for a week to be telling people you're going to but that you know that you will be happy with for the next four years for the supplements a lot of the times they even do it out to the characters so you need to make sure that every single word you're saying it's showing you entirely you can be involved as as many different things as possible which a lot of people are and its really great but I think if you can show a specific interest in one or two or three different things then people are gonna know that that's the way that you're gonna be making an impact so I would say in your supplements make sure you really show that how are your interests my insurer is crazy got the message and was like you can meet me in my room and I was like what what does that even mean for you it turned out to be a teacher at my school she just graduated last year and so she was so show that was not like a normal experience as far as an interview and goes you could get like full people when I got accepted we actually start a snap streak like how many people could say that about my interview was really nice it lasted a lot longer than I expected an hour and a half she's really nice she just started off like so how are you what have you been doing and it's very casual right but then it depends on the interviewer because sometimes they'll come with a set list of questions but for me we sort of just branched off we even ended up talking about politics and different things going on and then I would ask her questions obviously you're gonna be nervous and it makes sense because I was shaking when she walked in but eventually you just to get in the habit and you know that you're just having conversation with someone else I think my interview went pretty well at first it was kind of intimidating but we just started getting a conversation going I think it's looked quite actually in my experience from what I've heard that a lot of interviewers are there because they want to help you and they really want to get to know you so I think you shouldn't really be super intense honest you just be yourself if they see who you are then that's like the most attractive thing right someone who's honest and authentic and whom they feel will succeed in crack what do you think these schools at the end of day we need to keep in mind that they're looking to build a class with a specific set of people they want so many computer nerds they want so many Latino medical students perhaps I said you know what they were looking for that specific here at Brown has just finished making an engineering building under canvas and it sort of signals that they want to make a bigger investment into engineering media plan for stems like oh you that could we'll do engineering if you like I'm pretty standard like okay Chinese male applying to engineering program so like I don't really know but I think my essays were quite good doing early was a good choice for me because early pool although it's still competitive it's not as competitive as the regular pools from statistics it's shown that for example Ivy's altamar within the ten to twenty percent range of acceptance rates for early but for regular decisions of almost all below 8% which is a lot of me I was just really lucky because a lot of the things that I ended up doing they all just kind of meshed for me for example I do culture here and then I teach a lot of children the classes that I take a lot of them just aligned towards sociology my biggest thing is what will help you is do things that you're passionate about showing that you're really committed to certain things that you're passionate about are definitely gonna go a long way in the admissions officers mind they probably start doing standardized testing earlier because only submitted one a CT score and I submitted it flying because I mean I had been doing SAT and my scores were not there so I wish I had tested that earlier which one is stronger for me do you have any final wise words these people about to go through the same thing you do make sure you enjoy it because can be an enjoyable process the most important thing in my mind was really the essays and the writing aspect because personally I really enjoyed writing all of them because you're writing about what you know the most about which is yourself I started writing my essays over the summer I didn't have any college tutors or anything a lot of the help I got from my parents I mean that just depends on your dynamic with your family as well but I think sometimes when you have college tutors they're going to take away from your voice so you need to be mindful of that a lot of students who are writing essays feel like they need to show all of the counselors their essays or like show a lot of people to get the best feedback different people obviously have different opinions so at one point I got too many people looking at my essays or their suggestions we're like conflict agree with one there's at the end of the day you can get maybe one counselor to look at your essay and then maybe even like a friend if you know people who go to these schools that you're looking for just try to reach out to them you can kind of gauge by like asking them what they do or what the vibe is like you kind of get a sense of if you fit in or not I also think it's important to have a strong support system with you you are not alone in this process literally your whole grade is going through this to not being afraid to ask friends for help or advice would be good don't get too fixated on one school for me Yale was a school I've been wanting to go to for such a long time but I did go through a period where I was like okay there's no way I'm gonna get in so I just removed myself from the school and after you apply just just forget about it I feel myself opening got a reaction like oh yeah I think before I sounded like a crazy person I just kept saying to find it spank it's just one school and it's – it is just one school it doesn't impact your future so much this school as as much as what you take out of it and what you make out of it either way I know that things will work out better than you plan so I hope you guys enjoy that video and heard some wise words when these students give this video a thumbs up if you want the back on my channel subscribe down below to join our family again we welcome you I upload new videos every week follow me on social media and loja KTX and scan my snapchat you can click the top right eye to watch more of my videos I will see you very soon with another new video bye guys

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