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🍅LIVE: 3 Common Seed Starting Problems & How to Fix Them & LIVE Q & A (REPLAY)

🍅LIVE: 3 Common Seed Starting Problems & How to Fix Them & LIVE Q & A (REPLAY)

well hello there everyone look who it is
good day everybody good to be here I had the day off and Kim asked hey can you
come onto the livestream this morning so I’m just down here reading a book and
just hanging out so it’s really cool to be here and see everyone I’ve been super
busy at work with a big big project going on there
and I’m not always able to make it so it’s really nice to be able to be here
today and just say hi to everyone and not have to you know worry about how
much longer I have on my lunch and that kind of thing but really good to see
everyone and actually you know this just kind of reminds me of all of you out
there who are pulling these channels by yourselves you’re doing your own filming
you’re doing your own editing and you’re doing all of this by yourself I just
really want to commend you all I tip my hat to you all that’s an incredible
amount of work and I think we’re just really lucky that we’re able to work
together but it’s good to see everybody here keep it going all of you that are
just pulling so many hours doing other things and running your channels at the
same time or even just your gardens and stuff so thank you all again for being
here today and keep up the good work you’re doing yourselves hey everyone let
me see meant the the chat is just going by I can’t even keep up with everyone
it’s a beautiful day here though hello Virginia oh snap it’s camera guy yes
that’s a good thing though I think right no snap and Kim you want to come on come
on out now yes this is really cool hey Natalie hey cliff good to see everyone
cliff Wow cliff is going crazy I saw in the chat earlier he planted 32 tomato
plants today are ready your tomato seeds yes either one so even in cold Idaho
cliff is going strong with gardening I know a lot of you might be off work for
Presidents Day thank you for for spending some time with us here it’s
really nice to have a camera guy on the chat and for those of you that are new
to our live streams camera guys my husband his name is Jerry and he films
and edits our videos and I want to welcome anyone
new and we live stream every Monday his beautiful camera there we live stream
every Monday at noon pacific time we love to share it resources tips tricks
and just share in the garden community here a lot of wonderful gardeners here
in the chat so today we’re gonna talk about some common seed starting problems
and how to fix them so we’ll get going on that in just a second but I want to
say hello to people in the chat mr. Becker mister my backyard gourd sing
happy Presidents Day that’s right happy Presidents Day to our US friends I saw
someone from Beirut oh my goodness from Beirut Sharon Vargas hello Vegas sorry just
planted an elephant garlic those are amazing I mean I know you’re also gonna
love it crazy gardener Colin’s great to see you
both today thank you so much I saw rods name flash flash by as well oh how fun
rod is watching for my Sandra the work does not stop yeah I hear ya always
something to be done right yes ran high ran a Bob in the frozen north here the
snow is slowly melting you too wow that’s awesome
hope it melts soon and I hope you’re enjoying the warmth that we’re able to
bring you here from California and hope it brings some sunshine and blessings to
your day whenever you watch our videos hello from Dublin Ireland that will Sean
Wow cool that’s cool Darlene from northeast Oregon so weird
to be on this side I usually just doing the chat this is cool yeah I love having
it here it’s awesome it’s so fun I hope you guys enjoy it too um let’s see rod
how are you how do I fix sewing too many seeds and you’re gonna talk about that
in just a moment hello from Montreal Canada Angela from Baltimore hi Angela
how are you Wow so many people from all over the world what a great time well
yeah I wanted to say just a little bit of background since I’m here today might
as well share this with you but I hoping that you all watched yesterday’s video
episode 3 of the spring garden series and just a couple of details behind that
video correct me where I a little bit off here but it took three hours to
shoot right yes three hours to edit and then on top of all of that and these
aren’t complaints these are just kind of seeing things I think you guys might
enjoy but on top of all that I think we had a total of a maybe of a 40-minute
episode we just kind of had to go through that and trim down you know what
really didn’t need to be in there and you know dead spots while there’s just
kind of work going on and things so that was really fun and I was having problems
with the camera yesterday so that add a little bit of an H Allen germy my camera
was just low and kind of getting inverted so I was kind of crooked a
couple of times but Joel is an absolutely wonderful guy you guys he is
as snugly as he is on camera he just is just such a caring guy that’s it that’s
a big teddy bear I love how he just kind of goes yeah I kind of killed it a lot
of plants you know it’s like oh yeah you fit right in so anyway yeah some
background there on the on the episode yesterday I thought you might enjoy yes
absolutely it’s fun to hear that background and in case you guys missed
it you got a gopher and watch it it’s how to start seeds indoors we’re filming
with a good friend of ours his name is Joel and he has graciously agreed to
help us out on the spring garden series so it’s really a lot of fun and we had
an absolute ball filming with him yesterday we had lots of things to deal
with we had some noise issues – oh we had all kinds of noise going on go ahead
just going to say they were painting next door with an air compressor so we
had to kind of stop and wait for that and then it was just all kinds yeah
we’re under planes fly overhead we’re under a flight pattern as well San
Francisco to Burbank and then hold on just a second we had something just
gross sorry Jerry Oh a super chat from Nicole oh my goodness suite 299 and
Nicole says you guys are awesome thanks for all your help
Wow Nicole we appreciate you shown up here week after week and all your
support just means the world to us so thank you and one more thing I want to
say hi from Babylon from M I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone from Babylon on
here today that’s pretty tight you know where that is somewhere in the Middle
East I think that’s fine it’s great to see everybody here and thank you again
Nicole so yeah we had planes we had the small private planes you know it’s a
practice area about where we live so just all kinds of noise and yeah
things like that so it was good fun all in good challenges to bring the video
see all right it was so much fun and I see Rory on here and your u99 dominguez
family here from Gilroy that is so awesome all here with you oh my god the
whole fam we got to meet them up in the mandroid
festival it great to have you guys on with us today thank you so much for
spending your day off with us let’s jump in and talk about some of common seed
starting problems and then I’m gonna mention one problem how to fix it we’ll
jump into the chat for questions so get your questions ready on any issues
you’ve had starting seeds indoors and we’re gonna troubleshoot them and try
and take care of some of them today and hopefully get you guys well on your way
to successful seed starting indoors for your spring garden so the first common
problem that a lot of people deal with and I hear this time and time again is
leggy seedlings so raise your hand to the chat here or give me a yes I’ve had
this problem if you have experienced leggy seedlings now in case you don’t
know what leggy is Jerry have you had that problem like you see me I actually
have some leggy seedlings right here guys I wanted to show you so I have the
same problem you do if I’m you know not doing what there’s a little fixes here
so these are some lettuce seedlings and they don’t look too bad but you can see
how they’re kind of flopping over they’re not nice and strong and stocky
like I would prefer and there’s a couple causes of leggy seedlings noticing
what’s that the light is too high above so they try to stretch up to the light
and that’s how they get leggy very good Jerry small says yeah very good
so yeah they just get kind of thin stems there and they’re not nice and strong
and stocky and standing up straight and tall like they should be so not being
too close to the light is definitely one issue you wanna like I mentioned
yesterday’s video I Jackie you guilty of that yeah I hear you Avenue 99 same
thing yep all the time a lot of people have that problem so I’m you want to
have your light no more than two to three inches right above your seedling
and that really does help with the leg enos problem
when they have to stretch for the light they they’re a stem stretch and they
just tend to not be super strong so one issue is the light so you can definitely
fix that by making sure that your light is only two to three inches away from
your little seed start the other issue though and this is the case with these
is planting too many seeds or getting too hot so the main issue here actually
isn’t getting too hot I actually have these in a grow light box and it just
got a little bit too toasty in there and the seedlings started to get a little
bit leggy so I have removed them from the girl light box lettuce is a cooler
vegetable so it doesn’t like temperatures over seventy five eighty
degrees and once I stuck them outside of the girl light box they’re not gonna
change their leg enos but it’ll definitely help them grow a little bit
stronger from this point forward so from now on I’m not putting my lettuce seed
seedlings in the girl light box I’m gonna put them outside so they get more
airflow and that will make my next little batch I’m a lot stronger tons of
people are commenting saying yep I’m the leg enos is an issue here definitely a
big issue so um now how you can fix this is you can always plant your leggy
seedlings a little bit deeper once you plant them in a container or in your
garden bed and that way the soil kind of supports the the leg enos and they’ll
grow nice and strong for the most part after that but again
guys you know I always say start back up so start a new batch and that way if
your leg you seedlings don’t make it you’ll have a new batch to take its
place so let’s head into the chat answer some questions about leggy seedlings or
other seed starting problems I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that grows
seedlings that are leggy now and then okay question from my backyard gourds
how are you doing today my question is I picked up some seeds that say start
early how early is early example hollyhocks my last frost date is May
18th okay I’ve actually never grown
hollyhocks but usually what they say when they mean start early is that those
are the earliest vegetables you can start in the spring some of those
vegetables are frost tolerant for example peas are an
early spring vegetable so you don’t even have to wait for your last frost date to
be passed as soon as you can kind of work the soil you can pop those pea
seeds in there so you might want to kind of google the specific flower or
vegetable that you’re gonna be starting and see what their core look on the back
of the seed packet and see what their recommended start time is if it says
wait till after frost then just planet after frost Tomatoes for example are not
an early vegetable you want to wait the soil warms up even a few weeks after
your frost date or provide them with some extra cover so they have the warmth
they need to I’m really you know not get damaged by the cold weather you know
here’s a good comment – you may want to address this Kathryn little bear says my
daughter and I are starting seeds indoors in Washington State but we don’t
have grow lights okay so if you don’t have girl lights Kathryn little bear
first of all you definitely wanted to pick the sunniest window in your house
but I would highly recommend if you have ten or fifteen dollars to spare – even
just hook up a small little clamp light little like I showed on the grow light
video a few weeks ago those are very inexpensive they work really well with a
small amount of plant starts and a lot of times the sunny window just doesn’t
provide enough direct overhead light to get your seedlings off to a great start
without experiencing that leg in this issue that we just talked about so
highly recommend just if you can set the money aside pick up one of those those
clamp lights and then get yourself the sunniest window you can if you if you
can’t pick that in your budget for that at this time but still go for it right I
mean if you just can’t get one still go for it you’re just you might run into
lugging this as an issue that kind of thing yeah definitely go for it I mean
starting in a sunny window is definitely better than not starting at all so
definitely give that a go crazy gardener Collins yes it it does a sunny window
does often produce leggy seedlings it’s not the best way but it’s better than
nothing so I’d much rather have people start with that then not grow at all yes
you’ll eat them yeah you can still eat them absolutely absolutely it might not
be the strongest plan in the world but you can eat it and
experiment and see what works best for you that’s why I always say just get
started no matter what you do okay let’s see here question my soil is getting
wider on the top I started my seeds this is from Burma hi Irma I started my seed
in a jiffy greenhouse about two weeks ago okay
Irma that is a great question I was actually going to mention that if we had
time at the end of live stream so probably what’s happening is you’re
starting to develop some mould on the top of your soil there in the pellet so
pretty common indoor growing problem I don’t like to use those little covers
that come with the jiffy greenhouses or cover my seedlings at or my little
pellets at all because I feel like it just produces too
much humidity which will help the mold to grow and and you know all that much
more so I like to provide some airflow with a little fan or just don’t keep it
covered you can scrape that off with a knife and you can also kind of sprinkle
cinnamon on the top of the soil to kind of help with that but don’t make just be
careful that you’re not over watering that can also be a cause okay more
airflow yes crazy gardener Collins good suggestion with that okay
so let’s jump back and talk about our second tip how we doing back there dear
with the umbrella well it’s like a little bright I’ll see what her umbrella
is kind of blowing around the wind back there so Jerry might have to pop back
and fix that and let’s see here second problem and I again I want to hear from
you guys if you’ve had this issue with your indoor seedlings second common
common problem is something called damping off so if you’re not familiar
with damping off and maybe you’ve had it you don’t even realize it have you ever
noticed sometimes with your tiny little seedlings it looks like something has
just pinched the stem closest to the soil let me grab a seedling here I don’t
have any with damping off right now and actually these are new they’re not
seedlings those are these are growing into plants but when this little tiny
scene first germinates there’s going to be a little stem that comes out of the
soil sometimes it will all of a sudden just kind of
keel right over and it will die and it happens very very suddenly sometimes
overnight the night before it looks fine the next day you’re like what in the
heck happened to my teeny-tiny seedling that just germinated that’s called
damping off yes absolutely a lot of you have had that happen I see Stephanie has
other people are mentioning that they have had that happen that is just
basically a fungal disease and very commonly caused when you’re over
watering or when you don’t have enough airflow unfortunately there’s nothing
that you can do once your seeds have dampened off there’s nothing you can do
to recover them so the best way to fix this problem is to prevent it so the
best way to prevent it is make sure that you’re not over watering your plants you
want your soil like we talked about yesterday to be moist but not soggy so
you don’t want to leave your little pellets or your cups with soil sitting
in water for too long with the seedlings you want to just before they’ve
germinate you just want to spray the tops of the soil just like we showed you
yesterday in the video you do not want to soak them because that’s one of the
most common issues that causes damping off is soil that’s too wet another thing
is provide some good airflow put a little fan up maybe hook it up to a
timer or run it you know a few hours a day then turn it off just to get that
air circulating to make sure that your soil is drying out just a little bit in
between waterings the other thing you can do is provide a really good
environment for your seedlings to grow like with your warm weather vegetables
make sure they’re on a heat mat so they’re growing fast and get past that
seedling stage very quickly because damping off only affects seedlings when
they first emerge from the soil once they’re this size here
they’re nice and healthy they’re passed a tiny seedling stage you’re not going
to have that issue so provide it with a good environment the good moisture the
right temperature and good airflow and most likely you’re not going to have a
damping off issue and of course always start a couple of a couple of different
batches so if something happens to one you’ll have some backups so hopefully
that helped you guys avoid that very common issue that happens to a lot of us
gardeners when we’re first starting the seeds indoors let me head into the chat
now and answer some of your questions let’s
see if anyone else has had that issue and Kristy’s posting in the chat here
hi Kristy’s sorry I didn’t acknowledge her everything sunflowers and more are
moderated today she’s here every week and does a wonderful job a great job
thank you so much and she’s posting a link for the easy grow light setup video
super easy to get grow light setup and that will give your seedlings also the
the light that they need to avoid leg enos and to be nice and healthy so let’s
see what questions we have flying by hi Baghdad while Kim’s looking for the next
question good to have you here Baghdad thanks for checking in and saying hi
yeah great to have you here really cool hi everyone’s just helping
each other as as the discussion goes on it’s hard to follow it’s really good
it’s cool the chats fly by yeah and that’s one great thing about this
community is a lot of people are not just me answering questions but a lot of
you all are answering questions and helping people off to you and there’s
just something about knowing that you’re not the only one that is dealt with an
issue that is just a really good feeling not that we want anyone to have those
problems but it just helps us feel like we’re one big happy community here
well Kim keeps looking for a question someone asked about hydroponics and the
answer is no we never tried that no reason nothing good or bad about it just
we wanted to stay with the gardening here in the backyard and actually
growing in soil yeah I think would be fun to try it at some point in time but
just haven’t got there yet okay Stephanie I just popped it another
couple of seeds into the same containers that dampened off oh this is a great
question should it be okay Stephanie I would actually start over with some
brand new soil most likely that soil does have some type of fungus in it
since I had the damping off issue so start over with brand new soil make sure
it’s a good seed starting or indoor potting mix that’s nice and fine light
and fluffy and you shouldn’t have any other issues well that was another try
sorry we just got a what are they called oh we have some Richard thanks bad are
you doing thank you what a nice note too pretty nice love it awesome thanks great
thank you joining us here today really appreciate
the support okay surely has a great tip I brought a small fan from Bed Bath &
Beyond it’s about eight inches I love those small little fans I love Bed Bath
& Beyond yeah me too actually think there might be going on a
business or just walking they are fun I hung it above the ceilings that’s
helping with the air flow great tips surely and yeah that will really
definitely help okay ky Faith Haven farm hi how are you
welcome I’ve never seen started indoors before I want the two this year because
I have different kinds of tomatoes and peppers I want to try I’ve always use
transplants and yeah starting seeds indoors is really gives you that wide
variety and I really think you’re gonna love it
there is just so many more different kinds of vegetables you can start when
you pick up some seed packets and start your own indoors plus you’re gonna save
a ton of money I think you’re really gonna love it thanks again Richard yeah
thank you okay let’s see what is a good soil to use for starting see this is
from Andrea Donal okay Andrea my favorite soil to use for everything is
good dirt soil and the great thing about it is they are now in target so it’s
very accessible to everyone you can grab a bag your local target on
yesterday’s video and it actually all my planting indoors I use the indoor or the
good dirt indoor potting mix it’s really nice and fluffy and it really does help
the seeds germinate quickly so hopefully I know it’s sold very fast at targets a
lot of times it’s out of stock you can pick it up on their website too but
check your local target first and that way you can save on shipping so love
good dirt Suzanna has a really funny post here she says my
dog thinks he’s a cat left him on the porch sleepover night crawls into the
raised bed and smashes all the seedlings oh no so kind of interesting is that we
noticed that joel actually made something to address that issue and I
think maybe can’t we can squeeze that in somehow Joel made it himself it’s
literally just a cage that just opens and closes over the top with wire
chicken mesh I think chicken wire and PVC pipe yeah
so it’s very a simple little structure that he used to protect his containers
from his dogs yeah I think we’re pretty lucky that’s never been an issue with
Mac but a lot of people do ask about how to keep the dogs out and you know we’ve
seen people put Forks upside down you know so the forks are pointing up and
that seems to deter them as well so yeah ongoing issue if anyone has any thoughts
on that feel free to add them down in the comments but let’s show them if we
can Joel’s thing yeah we definitely will I
think a lot of people have the issue with pets and we did the grove eye box
is really helpful for that in the house so if you have small children you don’t
want getting into your plants or your pets your cats or dogs whatever check
out the grill light video because that you can build one and it keeps it
contained and away from your pets so I want to let you guys know about
something I just did on my website that’s gonna help you get your seat
started and save a little bit of money I just bundled together the spring
garden series or spring garden seed collection I know a lot of you want to
start from seed this year I bundled together with my book organic
gardening for everyone so you can pick this up and save yourself $5.00 now it
helps because you’re if you purchase them separately it’s gonna cost you five
dollars more so you bundle them together as my way of saying thanks with a $5
discount you can find it under my shop tab and then go to the seed collections
tab and then you’re gonna find a picture of it all in one little bundle so grab
this if you want to get started save yourself five bucks and then grow along
with us with the spring garden series we’re gonna have so much fun we were
really looking forward to filming with Joel and like Jerry said at the beginning he
is just a really fun guy we’re going to be building a very simple raised bed
with him setting up containers installing drip irrigation and talking
about watering fertilizing everything you need to know to get your spring
garden off to a great start and be successful and grow yourself a lot of
veggies so it’s really gonna be a fun series and we’re really looking forward
to it with him you know Sharon out in New York asked she goes how how do I
grow all that in New York City and I think she’s referring to maybe not
having a lot of space and I just want to encourage you just find out how much
space you have and just do one container one small little container listen to
Mary something but Kim also has just these little
containers all over the house and she has one container going and just growing
that and start start that way absolutely I know you’re very space limited in New
York City so start simple in fact I’m gonna show them Jerry right behind you
how that helps sure yeah sure go for it I’m right behind you I’m gonna pull this
over Jerry this is um the little container you can grow this little tiny
dwarf tomato in here how these on my website you can also grow a little
container of lettuce so that way you can get a little salad going maybe a little
few little tomatoes to pop on top of your salad and there is a lot that you
can grow in a small space yeah it’s really fun little container but go back
and watch our small space container garden series that we filmed a couple
years back has lots of tips for growing in a small space we’re also gonna be
filming a brand new one in April so stay tuned for that and pretty much all you
need it’s a little spot in the Sun to put a few containers and you are good to
go so don’t give up on it you absolutely can do it ideally I think I said your
name right you said you have to go back to work trust me I get that that’s why
I’m here today because I’m off so go back to work do the right thing we’ll
see you on the next chatter thanks for joining us enjoy the rest of your day
okay so let me cover the last problem common seed starting problem and then
we’ll get to as many questions as we can before the end of the livestream okay so
the last problem that a lot of people might experience is poor germination now
if you’re not sure what germination means it just means that moment when the
seeds bust through the soil so that’s something that all of us gardeners
anxiously and excitedly watch for every single time we plant seed so I know you
guys are like me I’m always watching for that I’m gonna grab something right over
here that we just did yesterday with Joel she’s grabbing another tub of
starts always got a few things going here yeah Alexis says $10 super chat oh
shoot what do I do just scroll down oh that’s okay sorry
guys that’s all right okay go down there she says last
season’s my garden was 90% started from your seeds the warranty and worm
cassings made this the most successful year ever that is fabulous best year
she’s ever had as an amateur of 30 years right story that is love thank you so
much for sharing that always encourages us to just keep on going yep and I am so
happy for you it’s such a good feeling knowing that your job and you’re doing
it yourself that’s just awesome so um here guys like you started these
yesterday withdrawal if you watch the video you saw us do this and I’ve
already been checking on these a couple of times I know they’re not gonna
germinate overnight but it’s always exciting when you see them bust through
the soil Thank You Vanna White and but if you’re having problems with poor
germination a couple of things to look for if you watch the video yesterday you
you notice me talking about some tips for success and one of those was
temperature and a lot of times you might be growing some warm weather vegetables
like these are these are peppers tomatoes cucumbers and squash and you
might be you might have them in a spot that’s too cold for them like maybe you
have them on a shelf in your garage with your grow lights they like to germinate
in temperatures of sixty to seventy degrees so I like to keep them in a warm
spot in my house a lot of people might put them on top of the refrigerator a
super easy thing to do is to use a heat mat they’re relatively inexpensive
there’s a little be a link in the video description to a heat mat you can pick
up peppers especially need a bottom heat to help them germinate quickly so a lot
of times they just won’t germinate unless they have that bottom Heat
but all of my warmer their vegetables here can definitely benefit from a
little bit of heat underneath it’ll help them grow that much faster so the same
applies to cold weather vegetables if they’re growing in a spot that’s too hot
because they like to germinate in cooler temperatures like 45 to 70 degrees then
they’re not going to germinate either so look at the type of vegetable you’re
growing and then adjust the temperature accordingly so maybe keep your cool
they’re vegetables in a cooler spot in your house not in a bright warm sunny
window where they’re going to get too much heat and adjust your
temperatures accordingly so that is one thing that will definitely help speed
germination so Reid is asking how long to leave the grow light on you need to
watch yesterday’s video because we answer that question to the video so see
what you can find there but I’ll tell you the answer is in there that’s right
exact exact time likes you should have it on and off the exact time lengths are
in there and I know Rita also has my book and the exact time links are also
in there so a little pop quiz here if anybody can answer from yesterday’s
video the girl light video or for my book how long to leave your seedlings on
so let me let me know guys here in the chat little a little pop quiz oh there
we go Lou’s right on it 18 hours on way to go
Lou’s she got the prize and we’re giving you a hard time so it’s all good
absolutely okay everybody’s got it you guys are yes sir way to go now the other
thing that can be a cause of slow germination or poor germination
Stephanie I thought it was 16 okay you know what guys here’s here’s one of
these things to wear gardening is not an exact science my preference is 18 hours
on six hours off but you know what it also depends on the type of grow lights
you’re using so just experiment again your seedlings are not going to die if
you only leave them on for 16 hours a day
that would be what eight hours a day off though I can’t be mad fast
my god just keep an eye on your seedlings and make adjustments as you as
you go you definitely like eight hours a day on is not enough so just make sure
you’re up there in the high teens and then make an adjustment as you go along
so experiment and see what works best for you 18 hours way to go Sharon yeah
you got that okay let’s see I lost my train of thought there oh yes I was
talking about planting depth another reason for poor germination
could be your planting your seeds too deep so a general rule of thumb is plant
your seeds about twice as deep of the width of your seed again not an exact
science but if you plant a tomato seed a teeny tiny tomato seed two or three
inches deep that’s going to be way too deep for that seed
it’s gonna take forever to germinate if it even germinates at all so you want to
just press tiny seeds down into the soil a little bit the squash and cucumbers
seeds though you can plant because they’re you know maybe 1/2 an inch or a
quarter of an inch big you can plant them an inch or two deep so just kind of
gauge it to that and that will help speed up your germination and help you
be a lot more successful with germinating seeds so those are three
tips I had for you today guys how to fix some common seed starting problems so
let me hear in the chat here we’ve got a few minutes left what kind of questions
you might have oh and by the way I wanted to mention I
always get this question where do I get the peat pellets where do I get the
supplies that you show in the videos I always link everything up in the video
descriptions I want to make it easy for you guys to be successful I don’t want
you purchasing products that don’t work so everything I use works try to most of
them I’ve used for years so there’s Amazon links and every single
video description where I show supply so always check the video description for
video links the pi links seed and book links all kinds of ways that you guys
can save money and be successful with your growing your vegetables so while
you look for a question I’ll say Rebecca posted that she got our book last night
in the mail so right on congratulations and thank you and we
really hope that you enjoy it the small garden series that we’re doing right now
follows that book exactly so it’s great to have it in your hand you can just sit
and read it and in that type of thing and then watch the video as well so
thank you very much Thank You Rebecca hope you enjoy it KACE
Stephen hunt are you growing any rat oh no that was risky we’re stephen hunt
okay I’ll get to the raspberries or blackberries in just a moment um weird
Stephen hug oh yeah should I start cantaloupe and pumpkin indoors since I’m
in Canada with a short season absolutely when you’re in a short season
you definitely want to start everything you can indoors
however Stephen don’t start them too soon because the cantaloupe and the
squash and the melons grow very fast so I would start them I’d say three weeks
maybe four weeks before your last frost date you could even start them a little
bit sooner than that as long as you have way to transplant them into larger
containers and to give them enough light you want to have nice strong transplants
to pop in the garden probably a week or two after your last frost date when your
soil starts to warm up you want to have nice transplants ready to go so that you
can get a harvest you have enough time and your growing season to get a harvest
before your first frost date hits which I know is really early for you there in
Canada let’s see someone just asked about
planting blackberries and strawberries okay yeah I do have some blackberries
growing I don’t have a lot of videos on those I do have lots of videos on
growing strawberries so hopefully we can do some more videos on blackberries as
the season approaches I have do have some wonderful harvest videos though
remember we do like oh yeah harvest last year in our blackberries those are fun
yeah those are really fun so check our harvest video playlist for some of those
and Rebecca says she’s already enjoyed the book she started so that’s fabulous
good to hear I enjoy it too an easy read good that is
an easy read Sharon Lillie is loving the book too
wonderful that’s Grove here in the feedback it’s
really rewarding when you work on something so hard to see people really
enjoying it so it really helps motivate us and encourage us to just keep on
going okay what to do with Nats from tea why 777 okay I actually you might have
had this question written down to answer today fungus gnats are also a common
problem with indoor growing and the best thing you can do is prevent the problem
before it even happens a lot of people have issues once it get infestations
getting rid of those tiny little gnats that are peski that fly around inside so
what you can do is as you’re planting your seeds sprinkle the top of the soil
with some cinnamon before your seeds germinate it’s the easiest way to just
sprinkle the cinnamon on there without getting your your leaves of your plants
covered in cinnamon just sprinkle it over the top of the soil it has
antibacterial properties and will help with the fungus gnats that’s number one
number two put little bottle caps with apple cider vinegar a little drop of
dish soap in there that attracts the fungus gnats that
might be flying around and then that’ll help cut down on on them flying around
the third thing is is you can spray neem oil over your soil inside your
containers and the neem oil really helps the chewing and sucking insects so a
three pronged approach is always good and hopefully that’ll help get rid of
some of those fungus gnats they really are pesky and they can really affect the
healthier plants well you look for the next question
Travis was asking just about drip irrigation do we sell anything and Rita
replied and she said she uses dig that’s what we use as well we’ve got videos on
it in our playlist so we use dig drip irrigation and then we use some
spaghetti lines off of that into the planters and stuff but the most
important thing is we did put a timer on it so it happens automatically because
we all get busy and we forget to turn things off or turn them on sometimes so
I hope that helps but check our playlist for sure definitely and there is a link
in this video once uploads to YouTube on the drip irrigation kit that we use
pretty much all over our garden which is a great way to get started because has
everything included in it and I know they also have those supplies at Home
Depot’s so check your local indie home depot or pick it up on Amazon from our
link there okay here’s a question from Marcia hi guys my sart’s tarts are now
growing they have new leaves and it looks like they’re not growing any more
what’s my problem okay Marcia you are definitely gonna
want to tune in to next week’s video that we’re gonna be filming this coming
weekend it’s gonna be all about watering and fertilizing I’m gonna go over you
definitely probably need to fertilize your seedlings after it passes once it
starts to get those true leaves on it you need to give them a little dose of
some water-soluble fertilizer just to give them that oof to help them keep
growing my seedlings here get a little dose of fertilizer about once a week and
they are nice and strong and healthy and that’s what keeps them strong and
healthy so turning tune into next week’s video but in the meantime I like to use
Verma stare at warm tea and the good dirt plant food I do it at 1/2 2/4
strength and Dew and water with it about once a week
to help keep my seedlings nice and strong so I’m sure that will definitely
help what do you got me with the point oh sorry
part of the job okay we’re gonna take maybe one or two more questions and then
sign off for the day here let’s see Angelo’s Gardens since how old are those
seedlings these were started on 119 2020 so they are gonna be one month old on
Wednesday so these are absolutely beautiful they’ve been under grow lights
18 hours on six hours off fertilized once a week Jerry’s getting bunked with
seedlings here but guys that’s one reason why I love to help you out here
with the step-by-steps that I’m doing because I really want you guys to have
seedlings that are this healthy so make sure you follow all the steps and you
can get seedlings that look like this too and you’re gonna have some beautiful
vegetables in your garden it’s so much fun you know I would just want to add
real quick that everyone sees Kim’s stuff they’re like oh my gosh it’s my
mind I’ll never be like kids but you have to experiment a little bit you have
to do what works for good for you in your environment and your setting you
know Kim may say 18 hours well try 17 or try 16 it’s okay you’re gonna find your
own little groove there about what works well for you in your setting absolutely
and if you have a few plants that die that’s okay we can always start more and
then you can fix the issues the next time around okay yes I I see the
question about nasturtiums from coupon lever 93 hi there thanks for joining us
today can I direct seed nasturtiums I’m in North Carolina where the nicer 40s
and the days are in the 60s nasturtiums actually do best coupon lover we bought
some right behind us here when you direct seed them right in the garden
they don’t transplant well so yes I highly encourage you to plant
nasturtiums they are not frost tolerant so wait until all the dangers of frost
is gone in your area check your last frost date on the Farmers Almanac calm
I’ll put a link in the video description for that and then plant them after your
last frost date they are absolutely beautiful cool other
flowers they do best in temperatures under 80 degrees so once it gets super
hot here they do kind of tend to fry a little bit so make sure you plant them
very first thing in this spring and you are absolutely gonna love them
you can eat them too which is really fun the leaves and the flowers are
completely edible and they’re really really tasty oh thank you Christy she
got the frost stick calculator in there appreciate that Rebecca was saying that
they don’t sell dig in her area I thought our drip I thought dig you
could order off their website – you know what check it out big corporation I
believe is what they are they’re out of San Diego but yeah you can definitely
order on Amazon as well so check em our amazon link if you can’t find it in your
area and if you don’t know what to get look at our playlists and look at our
drip irrigation one and we I think we used one called a 50 piece kit don’t let
that intimidate you but it’s just that’s the game we use for a good starting one
it’s called a raised bed irrigation kit but you can also use it in containers
it’s the same kit we use for our containers and for our raised beds and
the great thing about it is if you can extend it and add on to it you end up
adding extra containers or more raised beds you can definitely add on to it as
you go but it’s a great starter kit to go with ok rod thank you so much you
guys helped me get to where I’m at with your wise words experiment and find what
works for me that’s awesome rod I’ve so we’ve so enjoyed your friendship and
growing along with you over the years and I’m so glad that you’re on here
today it’s great to see you okay signing off for today you guys
again thanks for spending part of your day with us we really appreciate it and
we do live stream every Monday here at noon pacific time and we will be posting
video this coming saturday or sunday so keep an eye out for that
we gotta have now get Mac in here let’s get Mac in here to say hello he’s
enjoying being outside with us here today definitely enjoying Jerry being
home Jerry is the Alpha around the house Mac listens a lot more to him than does
to me so I’m just the one that gives them snaps let’s be real Mac goes where
the food is well yeah he does that too anyway guys hope you have a great rest
of your day thank you so much for joining us and we will see you on next
week’s live stream bye guys take care bye

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