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✏️My First Semester of College Q&A: Did I Choose the Wrong School? | Katie Tracy

✏️My First Semester of College Q&A: Did I Choose the Wrong School? | Katie Tracy

Aloha its baby and I just finished this setup in the past 30 minutes it looks like a professional and really studio like I don't know yeah but I just needed a background going so I'll stick with it for this video so today's seconds evolve it's day 21 ever since I came home I've just been lounging around not doing much so I've been a bit lazy but I'm still trying to make an effort and I will be blogging tomorrow because I want to be reuniting with my high school friends or as you say but today I wanted to first wrap up semester because it has been my first semester at college as a freshman I asked you guys to ask me questions on my YouTube community tab and on Instagram stories so if you're not already follow me nation on the end Aloha qtx a lot of you asking questions about college high school YouTube and a bunch of other questions that I'm gonna answer right now but first if you're new to our Aloha know which so with our family subscribers make sure to subscribe down below uploading every other day and vlog this is almost over so make sure to tune in by clicking about term identification on and enter my holiday giveaway a lot of mass you have 34 more days to enter by the time you see this so go enter you can be winning Apple earpods beat headphones and an Instax Mini with film to film this out another further ado let's get started with the questions how the University students ever recognize you as a youtuber PS illy can't love you too so I already talked a bit about this in micro not CUNY which I'm like right here but yeah I have been recognized which is I'm fangirling yeah I feel like there are two situations first is the person will recognize me immediately and be like Aloha or like you're the YouTube girl right just right off the bat and I'll be like yeah and thank you so much for your support it's really cool because these people are mine age but then the second situation is on time to someone Midway into the conversation after getting to know them a bit they'll be like you look really familiar oh like I never want to assume that they know my channel because I enjoy getting to know person first just as a student you know without the youtube but then maybe two three minutes into the conversation they'll be like wait you have a YouTube channel and then I'll be like yeah I do then we'll go down that road it's really interesting and it's really cool to see them like reach that conclusion while I'm talking to them do you see the in person I would just love to be friends and eat you person next question do you feel like Cornell has changed or university in general Ellie Ellie – definitely conscious changed me and I know that it will continue to change me but so far before going to college I think I had like an inferiority complex or I felt very intimidated by a lot of people because when I went to Korea I was the only one I had no friends or upperclassmen or anyone it was pretty scary having to adjust a few country new school new system going there I was very shy and hesitant I think it more open to meeting people and in high school I was very committed to a lot of my extracurriculars my YouTube I'd really sacrifice my social life so going to college I knew I wanted to change that so one big change I did was search prioritize my social life more or just there's not being so uptight all the time and on a schedule and being like I gotta upload now like no we can't hang just closing off my schedule because about all of YouTube so my schedule in college has been very different and I try to reach out to people and really get to know people which i think is done wonders and not getting caught up in YouTube or academics to the point where I miss out on the college experience another thing is I feel like colleges made me a more normal person for Moana college I did not watch a worry Rudy shows I didn't go out very often I mean in high school I'd be invited and there was only so but I know I was very disciplined in that I would not start a TV show and not go to the movies would not go out with my friends I think that I was very good at not feeling FOMO and all but I guess I became more independent that's a basic one that everybody says I've got all the restaurant bookings on my own got app or any transportation I gotta clean up after consequences or issues like something doesn't go to plan it's on me and I got improvised on the spot instead of relying on my family or people back home net Bors asked you have any crushes in college now ha ha ha ha indeed no no there was another question just gonna love these two then our guys queued up Cornell yes like there are 15,000 people here like there were definitely bound to be cute boys I've definitely seen people who are attractive but also nothing is gonna happen unless you keep in touch so I'll probably just see someone and maybe admire from a distance and I just won't see them again he'll only really get them if you're looking for them you try to reach out and actually plan things but that's not my case I'm not looking for relationship or anything like that so I haven't been doing that but yes there are definitely a few boys here Julian asked what's your favorite thing about college I don't know this is just a college thing in general are also a state's thing but everything is so convenient especially Amazon Prime but also going back to the independence thing it beats a lot of freedom in that if you want to do something you can just do it back home if I wanted to do something for him to go out with friends like I had to convince my parents I had to plant seeds in their heads like three days before to get into their head that I want to go in invent in college you can just do it and you can be really spontaneous what has been your most memorable moment at Cornell or in your life in general Cornell because that's the theme there have been a lot so one thing was the first time it snowed it was magical and they're just so pure white I was making snow angels it felt surreal oh that time I ordered cookies at 11 p.m. and I treated myself cuz normally if you go to college town to get it but I just ordered it and came in 20 minutes it was the best thing I've done for myself oh that time what stargazing that was also incredible I took some shots I actually just posted some photos I took of Astro photography I guess even though those memories didn't involve water people get involved many food and nature but people haven't definitely been at the top of my experience the community amount of exploits irreplaceable that has made my first semester so distinctly perfect nothing wrong asked how do you balance your faith in God with schoolwork can you tell us more about how you worship God every day one thing is I try not to make it seem like I have to balance both of them as if both of them can't coexist I try to leave got into everything so in my schoolwork you know when I need that motivation which I think of that first where it's like you do these works for God not for men it just needs to put your all into everything and also when I'm just walking I see something beautiful just like wow like praise Jesus for this beautiful thing and so that way faith doesn't seem like something I can just take like I've done my academics now I could do faith it's something that I hope is part of my everyday life and just interweaved into everything I try to start the day with devotionals and then when I walk to class or something I'll probably be listening to worship music or sometimes when I study I just find that I'm always more motivated when I listen to worship music I go to church I go to study group also go to a fellowship you also meet every week talk about something applicable to our lives just praying throughout the day just trying to make a constant reminder to myself that all of this is possible and all this is for God Alenia Flores asked what were your biggest fears going to court first thing was ugly the : it is really cold but I have adjusted really bombed and I can handle negative five degrees Sascha's before I went to Cornell I was only gone to say eight degrees sorceress and I would be out I'm he's freezing my teeth would be chattering but right now I'm doing really well but I know it's only gonna get worse they say because winter is really January February so when I get back it's gonna be a lot colder I hear but so far it's been okay it's cold for sure and the first time it happens I'll be like what is this where am i but get used to it second being was stress culture I'm very thankful I'm not my friend group they haven't really stressful I know some human high school would just be so stressed out all the time just like very easily irritable and clearly just like trying to study and you know bad vibes but I think people here so far have been in my experience have been just very mature about it they just get their work done yes people study a lot which is a fireable but also a bit intimidating during final seasons people do get more stressed and go super hard but that's not me third thing was competitiveness when I looked into this before coming to Korea I knew that relatively speaking girls community was more collaborative and I have found that to be true these are all high achievers and they're obviously in a Charlie card so naturally it will be competitive I guess in terms of grades but it's not like they're trying to compete against you I think you want to try to be their best version there's nothing wrong with that and if you need help they will help you live in really great friends to people and people work together a lot and last question a youtube related question what advice do you have for small youtubers who have lost motivation or having trouble going their channel I definitely understand the struggle because four or five years ago I was you know everyone starts out as a small youtuber it's hard to get yourself out there I made a YouTube 101 series if you liked the topper I hope to watch it but I try to share my best tips with you guys there because I've been there my best advice is to keep going I also just saw a quote it was like you can grind for four years with no results but on the fifth year become the biggest thing in the world and I think that's really true I didn't go viral I feel like I just always had momentum in terms of things you cannot look at it to subscribers count I went from like 1000 subscribers the first year then 10050 then 100,000 you Brin just gotta keep going and you got to tell yourself that four years from now my future self will be thanking me and I'm very proud of my younger self because even with all the obstacles having to balance school academics and when my family found out and just dealing with hate and criticism as a 13 year old and have taught me a lot and overall I think has just made me a stronger person so just believe in the process you are learning something even if you're not growing in numbers and I wish you the best of luck with your channels those are all the questions I mastered today give us with a thumbs up if you enjoyed it comes out a few many suggestions make sure to subscribe to my channel here at my blog channel here I'm doubling tomorrow so don't miss out make sure you have my notification phone turned off so you can come early I will shout you out in this hour I die for my videos follow me on social media ello and KTX also follow Ryan you cover Instagram at kaya dot covers thank you so much for watching I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I love you guys so much bye

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  2. love ur Q&A….. love to know more about uuuuuuu💖💖💖💖from india 💖💖💖uuu katie…. u are so sweet………

  3. I find it kind of really cool that you went from an asian country to attend a university so far away from home with no one going with you. It's been the same way for me when I moved for college this winter semester but I really enjoy the new environment and I would never do it any other way!

  4. Alohaaa, I just finished my first semester of my second year. It's been brutal but I made it, thank God😂😂😂

  5. It will be over faster than you think I bet you chose the perfect school!Going for the AirPods so I can listen to you wiresless

  6. so someone's late again hehe but Merry Christmas Katie!! thank you for this chill q and a, glad u got through your first sem 💖 Hope you enjoy the holiday season 🎄

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