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فيلم صراع العروش فري فاير : الجزء الأخير

فيلم صراع العروش فري فاير : الجزء الأخير

Hello Renegade asshole You expected that the Elite pass characters will kill me for you ? you are dumb i’m the island king you are nothing i know from beginning that they are Cowards and they can’t kill you If you had known you would have escaped from us we will kill you now Sometime a man must sacrifice himself for a great purpose You all fell into the trap of Lord Ahmed Panthers today we will revenge for my daughter Panthers we will kill all Demons and We will burn Lord Ahmed Army We will prove to everyone that we are the strongest I heard there was an explosion in the mill yesterday and the King is dead Today there will be war between panthers and demons it’s our chance to become Rulers of the island We should attack panthers and demons during their battle today and kill them with cars I’m Lord Ahmed the new Ruler of the island Everyone must be servants of the demons and We will kill all the rebels finally Our plan succeeded We met together and i become the king Our plan ?????????? i’m the creator of the plan I convinced my husband to go for the trap and I made the bomb that killed the king please don’t say this, My dear we are a team i love you so much i like that you are very smart i made you become the king to kill you and take your position because after your death your army will follow me because they know you love me and the old king’s army will follow me too because i was the wife of their leader heck on you , i trusted you

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  1. انا برازيلية والتقيت بصبي يحمل اسم أحمد مثلك وهو عربي مثلك أعتقد أنك ، ولكن إذا كنت ترغب في الارتباط بقناتي ، فأنت تعلق شيئًا باللغة العربية لكي أعلم أنك

  2. إخوانه ، اصنعي درسًا تعليميًا حول كيفية عمل قصة قصيرة باستخدام شخصيتك المجانية التي يمكن أن تهتز

  3. يا اخي يا احمد احكي معك انا من طرف ايمن الحموي الي كان جلوبال لو سمحت رد علي بدي اتواصل معك

  4. أنا من المكسيك وأود أن أعرف ما إذا كان يمكنني الحصول على بدلة الهيب هوب للرجال هو أنه لضيق الوقت لم أتمكن من إكماله: ج يمكنني إرسال لقطات حتى إذا اشتريتها

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