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Рart 2. Judd Trump cue action analysis.

Рart 2. Judd Trump cue action analysis.

On the 2 part of Judd Trump cue actions analysis
I will talk about his amazing cue power, scoring skills and his unique aiming method so let’s
get on with that! One of the reasons why Judd Trump has such
a good timing is that he accelerates slowly on the backswing and then as he does his shot
delivery he accelerates slowly and finishes shot fast. This kind of cue action helps him to hit shots
much softer compare to other players and be more consistent player. Even when he plays shots which requires a
lot of cue power he does it in such a effortless way that it looks like piece of cake for him. It is important to mention Judd Trump’s
grip movement on the delivery. As he pushes cue through the ball he flicks
his wrist slightly which helps to create a lots of cue power on the cue ball. Judd Trump is not only an amazing potter but
also incredible in break building skills. He is only 30 years old and he already made
628 century breaks, 4 maximum and he is on 5 place in all time list! Judd is a quick thinker and he can visualise
3, 4 shots ahead before taking them. He does it in such an effortless way that
he can keep his concentration levels high all match long compare to other slower and
more mechanical players. Also like other top players he keeps his cue
ball under control. He doesn’t leave cue ball often close to
the cushion or a long distance shots as he is already on the break. Judd Trump aims in very strange way. He aims right hand side to the cue ball as
he approaches the shot and then as he does his last backswing he flicks his tip to the
left and then delivers cue on the centre cue ball. Till this day I can’t believe that with
this aiming method he managed to be so consistent, be world number 1, win multiple championships
and be World Snooker champion. His aiming method is completely unorthodox
and it shows how great as a snooker talent Judd Trump is! Please guys don’t try to copy his aiming
it will ruin your game for sure. Aim centre cue ball and you will have match
more consistent shot approach and potting. Please keep it in your mind!

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  1. How about his technique of bending a cue for a greater power?

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